Steve's Friends Page

I would like to dedicate this page to special friends of mine who I have developed a good relationship with because of this photo website. Here, I plan to introduce you to those with creative talents that are likely not directly photography related.

Autumn Rose
Autumn is a long time penpal friend who has started a new blog to share her walk with God experiences. She also is a very good photographer, and hopefully we'll be putting up some of her pictures some day.

Shane C
Is sporting his business now instead of photos.

LaydieAnne is a new friend of mine with a remarkable gift of poetry. At her website, every few days or so, she matches her poetry with a photo (or vice versa). Looks like she has been going strong at it for a while now, and doing very well, too. Keep up the good work, LaydieAnne! You can view all of her current and past entries by clicking on her blog link at her site. She has even used a couple of my photos, beginning about April 9, 2007.
Unfortunately, I do not have a current web address for her works.

Thank You for sharing your talents with all of us!

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