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I would like to dedicate this page to other picture takers that I know who have snapped that extra special shot, and would like to share it with others. Also, to photographers who have no web pages to share their works.

Susan M
Susan is a friend of mine who is making her photographic debut. Hopefully we will see more as she gets aquainted with her new digital camera!
HERE to see her guest photos.

L O UiSe
Louise is a new friend of mine from Australia. Her and her camera are becoming quite the team!
You can see some of her more recent photos at
her web page.
Click HERE to see her guest photos.

Stacey Gold
Stacey is a busy mom who has lots of talent with the lens.
HERE to see her guest photos.

Ever seen the
inside of a hard drive? (yep, that's where all your files are)

If your photos appear here: THANK YOU for letting me share your photos with others here at this page!

If you are considering taking up photography or putting your photography collection online, I would encourage you to "go for it"! It is the best way I can think of to share your talents with the rest of the world! If I know you, I might even be able to lend you a hand, some knowledge, and a link from my webpages.

If you aren't a photographer, or don't want to do a web page, but have some really good pictures, send me a couple of your favorite pictures. If I know you, I would be glad to post them on this guest page.

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