The wire ride

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October 27, 2003

Looks innocent enough, right?
I call it the wire ride. It is in the park, but not included in the park admission. You have to pay separately to ride it.
I have seen them at other parks recently. But they used to cost too much, so I never rode it, until this park had a sale going, and I had my friend to ride with
On the right, from the top of one of the roller coasters, you can see how it looks when compared to the other tall rides in the park

So here's how it works (refer to illustrated picture on the left)
1. they have wires hanging down from this part. They harness you up to these, up to three people at a time.
2. they pull you backwards up to nearly the top of this tower (see other pics below).
3. you pull the ripcord, and you go falling / flying / swinging.

(Above) Here are a couple riders waiting for the countdown to pull their ripcords (refer to step 2 above).

Here is the two guys who went right after we did (you can only see one of them).
I was lucky to get this shot, since you are moving so fast when you get to the bottom.
In this picture they are flying from left to right.
I used a graphics program to lighten these pictures up a bit for you.

check out the expression on his face!

All I can say is that expression is real. For $15 each, my buddy Mark and I got the best thrill ride of (our) lives. Yes, as the picture shows, we went at night, because all the rest of the time slots were taken. it was a bit cool and a little foggy. They haul you up backwards from the ground to the top. It takes about a minute, and your head is pointing towards the ground the whole time. When you get to the top, you kind of bounce a little bit from the wire tension (you know the nature of long wires). On the way up, you have lots of time to think about what you are doing. I thought it was a blast, although I don't like the feeling of the blood rushing to my head. Been working upside down under the dashboard of my cars too often I guess. Anyway, they do the countdown and I got to pull the ripcord. All I can say is that as soon as you pull the ripcord and start falling your brain says 'what the hell did you just do?'. until we got to the bottom and started coming back up the other side on our first swing, I don't remember if I screamed, I don't remember if my eyes were open or anything. I just remember it was the SCARIEST MOST AWESOME RUSH I HAVE EVER FELT!!! I can't wait to take my cousin on this one! I figure it is the next best thing to parachuting, which I am going to do someday, by the way. There is nothing that can describe the overwhelming feeling of plummeting to your death only to be swung safely by the wires. So you swing back and forth a couple of times, and then they hold up a special traction rope that you grab, and it slows you down. The whole process takes about 5 minutes (takes about 5 or ten to get suited up, too). I would highly recommend it for all thrill seekers. It was utterly the scariest, most awesome thing I have ever done at an amusement park, maybe in my life to date!

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