Viginia Tech William Morva incident (08-21-06)
photos 2006 by Steve Warrick

The entire community rejoices that the suspect has been caught yet mourns the loss of the two officers who died protecting us.

Monday morning (day of search; they had not found him yet)
Snapped a couple photos while leaving work, but didn't want to interfere...
On the way out, two officers holding shotguns (not pictured here) allowed me (and other traffic) through after checking to make sure we weren't the one they were after.
Further on was another office blocking the road in. It looked to me like traffic was allowed to leave, but not to enter.
394_9474 road closed (they had not found him yet)
394_9476 helicopter through trees (they had not found him yet)
394_9478 helicopter over capture site (they had not found him yet)
STITCH of unrelated accident A short way away on the way home, an UNRELATED ACCIDENT in front of the hospital he escaped from draws away critical resources



Tuesday (day after capture)
Wanted to give you an idea of the scope of the incident in relationship to workplace and campus
394_9487 based on news footage last night after his capture, it is my estimation that he was caught somewhere around the treeline by the cars in this picture.
394_9488 looking north (90 degrees to the left of the previous picture), you can see the stadium. main campus begins just on the other side of the stadium.



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Special thanks to Zeb!