What if Microsoft...?
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...were put in charge of Christmas
...produced Sesame Street
...took over school systems in the U.S.A.
...owned Double Dragon
...Hotmail were aquired by the US Post Office
...were in charge of the superbowl/halftime
...had caught Saddam
...opened its own fast food chain
...Ran the US postal service
...hired the iraqi's information minister
...had their own Credit Card
...had their own Linux Distribution
...were its own country
...were in charge of space shuttle launches
Steve's "Microsoft Tree"

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Need to blow off some steam at everyone's favorite mega corporation?
At times, they sure are an easy target.
Struggling with Microsoft products all day at work and then all night at home can often be frustrating.
These pages are meant to help everyone creatively blow off some steam towards the big giant, and entertain each other in the process.

It all started when...
Originally, the concept of 'what if microsoft' started when I got a unique cactus, called it the Microsoft Tree, thought of some nice analogies, and then setup a whiteboard outside my cubicle at work with a marker so that everyone could have their crack at it. When the whiteboard fills up, I document the contributions on a paper next to the whiteboard, and erase it to solicit more. About once every month or two, I change the topic. There is also an area for submitting topic ideas. It's a good time, and a stress reliever.

To the Wild, Wild Web
Now, I want to try taking this project to the web, so that more people can benefit from it, and so that more people can contribute to it.
I haven't worked out all of the details yet, but I figure I will keep the master list on these pages.
Of course, I still want to keep attendance at the whiteboard up, so...
I will update the web page with all contributions made on the whiteboard and via emails.
I will only update the whiteboard with email contributions that are pretty good (in my opinion).

Contributions can be made via Email, or at the whiteboard itself. All contributions should be in reasonable taste and are subject to approval, editing and even exclusion to correct grammar, spelling, distastefullness, etc.
When you email me your contribution, please include a small background description of the humor of the situation (which I will probably make linkable from your contribution), in case it does not click right away to me or others. Afterall, I'm not going to post just anything, and also don't want to field a lot of "what does that mean" questions from others who may not understand.
Also feel free to specify whether or not you want your initials placed at the end of your entry. If you made a pre-web entry, I will be glad to add your initials to it. Just say so.

I don't expect that it would take more than a week to post your responses, unless for some reason these pages get really popular (ha!). So allow a week nefore you start nagging me about your contribution.

Color Trivia
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