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Most of these pictures come from the "New River Valley" area in Virginia, USA.
Almost all of these pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot G3.
Newer photos have been taken with a Canon PowerShot G12.

September 12, 2015
New River gorge bridge, WV: Here are some photos and movies of
2014 Bridge Day in West Virginia (from October 18, 2014). You can see some great, but foggy pictures I took of this bridge from the off-road viewing place on my June 28, 2008 entry.

July 14, 2014
I have updated the
Friends page, adding a friend: Autumn Rose. I have also updated the Other Photographers and Guest Photos. To access these pages, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.

June 7, 2014
I have updated the motorcycle pages, in the
group rides section with pictures of the 5th Annual Eric Sutphin Memorial Poker Run event. To access the motorcycle photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.

March 30, 2012
I am bewildered at the 'busy'-ness of life, but have a good collection of photos to share with you some day (hopefully sooner than later). Here's a few I expedited, taken with a Canon Powershot G12.
Pearisburg VA severe storm I felt like a real storm chaser!
Giles County Cascades first visit before the leaves came out

August 28, 2010
I have updated the motorcycle pages, in the group rides section. To access the motorcycle photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.
Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey at VT airport Coming out of work recently, I saw a relatively large plane taking off. It was quite a spectacle and I wish I had known it was there and could have been ready with my camera. Then, as I was driving away, I noticed another one. Turns out it was the same one doing touch-and-go's. I was able to turn off and get some movies and shots. Then went to the far end of the runway and got some more shots. Then it left. It was pretty neat!

July 25, 2010 View slideshow
fall foliage: STITCH of fall is beginning on the blue ridge parkway
scenery: tree on the parkway, one of my favorite local views rt 100, angel's rest trees, part of angel's rest
clouds: STITCH of looks like cloud punched through other clouds, delicate feather cloud, delicate feather cloud, delicate feather cloud, delicate feather cloud, delicate feather cloud, delicate feather cloud, STITCH of busy clouds, curved, STITCH of busy clouds, STITCH of busy clouds, straight, STITCH of evening clouds, trees, house, clouds imitate tree shape, canon shaped cloud, very busy clouds, STITCH of sunset off distant cumulus, delicate cloud whisps, sunset lit busy cloud, STITCH of wild and streaky wow clouds sky, STITCH of distant cumulus line contrast, STITCH of looking straight up at the edge of a cumulus, fiery cloud sunset, fiery cloud sunset, fiery cloud sunset, fiery cloud sunset, fiery cloud sunset, pink combed clouds, fiery cloud sunset, fiery streaks, STITCH of fiery cloud sunset
night: begin night driving, night driving, end night driving
people: Radford Harvest Fest costumed girl, costumed girls, prop, scary camera man, face painting
animals: my first deer, soaring bird, soaring bird against autumn trees, daisy
rainbows: double rainbow, cloudy rainbow
storms: STITCH of storm moving into blacksburg, STITCH of blacksburg storm closeup, STITCH of another storm, STITCH of nice storm line over hillsides

November 4, 2008
No regular photos this time, just a couple of collections of photos (with slideshows)...
Late fall foliage and scenery pics I took at an
Angel's Rest, Pearisburg hike this past weekend.
Also took some shots at Radford's 2008 Harvest Festival

October 16, 2008 View slideshow
I have updated the guest pages with some new pictures from Susan. To access the guest photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.
I have updated the motorcycle pages, in the rides section. To access the motorcycle photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.
I'm working back through some recent and older photos that I did not have time to publish yet.
sunrises: sunrise speared with clouds, eye of the sunrise, golden ribbed sunrise like a postcard, all golden detailed silhouette sunrise, pan, all golden detailed silhouette sunrise, zoom
sunsets: STITCH of wicked sunset on a windy day, early, STITCH of wicked sunset on a windy day, STITCH of wicked sunset on a windy day, pan, STITCH of wicked sunset on a windy day, zoom
clouds: STITCH of windy blue cloud fill, big cloud casts shadow on lower cirrus, pan, big cloud casts shadow on lower cirrus, big cloud casts shadow on lower cirrus, zoom, STITCH of airport morning fog bank, cirrus flurry layer sunrise, cirrus flurry layer clouds, cirrus cloud smear 1, cirrus cloud smear 2, cirrus cloud smear 3, STITCH of big storm coming with bubble clouds on left, zoom fill of bubble clouds, pan of bubble clouds with nice contrasting blue sky, jet trail straight down towards tree, maryellen likes these cirrus, zoom, maryellen likes these cirrus, pan, a thin prominent cloud, road to the clouds, cloud streams look like fountains or fireworks, cloud streams look like fountains or fireworks, cloud streams look like fountains or fireworks, cumulus system, pan, cumulus, zoom, cumulus fill
fairlawn: fairlawn's old wrad wriq radio station uncovered, STITCH of fairlawn tree clearing for construction
miscellaneous: layer of honey under hot water, mark's christmas decorations, mark's christmas decorations, making egg nogg, steve's home made american meal, satellite dish and clouds 2, no trees, satellite dish and clouds 3, satellite dish and clouds 4, mirrored windows reflecting clouds, mirrored windows reflecting clouds, mirrored windows reflecting terrain, STITCH of satellite dishes, clouds and building window reflection, satellite dishes, clouds and building window reflection, old fashioned drive-in movie, old fashioned drive-in movie, STITCH of old fashioned cburg drive-in, scottish grass, horshoes in motion, horshoes in motion, horshoes in motion
Virginia Tech: decorated skelton christmas tree hallway, decorated skelton christmas tree hallway and piano, beaded ornament zoom, beaded ornament, april 16th support thank you photo from vt, skelton fancy hokie tree, skelton fancy tree 1, skelton fancy tree 2, skelton fancy tree 3, the inn at virginia tech skelton conference center sign at night
ice: diamond iced trees melting in the sun, diamond iced trees melting in the sun, diamond iced trees melting in the sun through wet lense, diamond iced trees melting in the sun, diamond iced trees melting in the sun, diamond iced trees melting in the sun, one iced tree against blue sky with clouds, valley clouds and fog on an icy morning, diamond iced trees melting in the sun, diamond iced trees melting in the sun, STITCH of sun rays kissing the iced trees, iced trees melting in the sun through wet lense, the great amount of melting ice was like a cloudless rain, the great amount of melting ice was like a cloudless rain, STITCH of a very icy city valley, STITCH of a very icy city valley, zoom, two tall iced pines against blue sky, warming sun over an iced city, warming sun over an iced valley, STITCH of iced hills and low lying clouds, dim cloud assisted orange sunset
moon: moon and christmas lit night
water drops: evening water droplets
bugs: black and white moth, zoom, flash
scenery: STITCH of dry, but scenic countryside, bisset nice green grass park trees path, bisset bridge
animals: alert doberman in the park, resting doberman in the park
storms: obscured lightning, obscured lightning
Miyazaki: nausicaa poster

June 28, 2008 View slideshow
bugs: back of rescued white moth, side of rescued white moth, front of rescued white moth
sunrises: bursting sunrise, nice tree silhouette sunrise with crossing jet trails, zoom, nice tree silhouette sunrise with crossing jet trails, pan
snow: snowy morning road drive to work a, snowy morning road drive to work b, tail lights through rapid melting snow on windshield, tail lights through rapid melting snow on windshield, zoom, slow, snowy morning driving to work, sudden heavy night snow flurry while driving a, sudden heavy night snow flurry while driving b, sudden heavy night snow flurry while driving c, curved light whisps, small light repeating layer, smooth light cloud designs, smooth light cloud designs, zoom, these whisps look like a flame fire, pan of the cloud dance
moon: morning moon car top reflection, the right exposure reveals moon details
clouds: this rapidly changing cloud was ultra smooth like a mushroom with a detached cap, neat directional clouds and overlapping jet trail, busy detailed sunset with jet trail, mushrooming cloud a, mushrooming cloud b
silhouettes: neat vt tree silhouette, zoom, neat vt tree silhouette, pan, clouds look like theyre highlighting this vt tree silhouette
New River gorge bridge, WV: driving over the bridge, through trees from a lookout, whole bridge in the fog, foggy deep valley, STITCH of foggy new river gorge bridge, vertical, foggy overlook, bridge through the trees and overlook, wooden walkway through the trees, visitor center, the bridge, on top
water drops: rained green tree berries a, rained green tree berries b
miscellaneous: oops Jason's window broke, field of cotton ball clouds, sunlit colored japan jar, sunlit colored japan jar b, sunlit colored japan jar c
flight clouds: I decided to post some highlights from the collection of flight clouds I posted last time, so if you looked at them all already, these are duplicates to you. MOVIE of passing close by a cumulus, even better perspective(1.3 MB), clouds and wing, MOVIE of flying through a cumulus(2.8 MB), hole in the cloud, cincinnati tower dwarfed by sky, big fuel bill, cincinnati, stadiums, river, 4 bridges, crystal clear, cloud right alongside, jet, trail, sky and clouds below better lighting, g3 reflection, carpet of growing clouds and sky, MOVIE of slow decent into a field of clouds(1.3 MB), neat closeup and eye level cumulus details, line of storms, angel 1, multi cloud detailed fill scape, look at that beautiful smooth flow over top, line of storms, angle 2, line of storms, angle 3, STITCH of line of storms and chaser, STITCH of engine shadow, wing, clouds galore, line of storms, angle 4, cumulus field fill, cumulus plus chaser cloud, cumulus plus chaser cloud 2, eyelevel cloud tops, STITCH of line of storms and wing, pan, nice balance of ground, 2 layers of clouds and sky, wing and line of cumulus mixing in with higher clouds, Roanoke Airport, zoom, Roanoke Airport, pan, Roanoke and Roanoke Star, pan, Roanoke Star, Roanoke Star, MOVIE of roanoke star(1.8 MB)

June 9, 2008 View slideshow
clouds: I don't get to fly very often, although I love to. The last time was probably 10 years ago; long before I had the convenience of a digital camera. There's something pretty neat about looking down at (or even eye-to-eye with) the clouds, watching them float by gracefully. So without further delay, I am glad to be able to share this little collection of photos, stitches and movies which I call "flight clouds". The clouds started off kind of few and scattered, but eventually built up to some nice displays towards the end of the journey as we flew past some storms.

June 4, 2008 View slideshow
sunrises: jet trail catching coming sunrise colors, STITCH of vertical hazy zoom sunrise, edge of the sunrise fill, STITCH of horizontal hazy zoom sunrise, corporate park sunrise, momentary sunrise peek a, momentary sunrise peek b, large sun mountain hill sunrise scene, pan 55mph, large sun mountain hill sunrise scene, pan, large sun mountain hill sunrise scene, cars, large sun mountain hill sunrise scene, less road, large sun mountain hill sunrise scene, fading hill power line sunrise, welcoming cloud and sunbeam sunrise, dusty interstate sunrise, interestingly obfuscated sunrise sunbeams, interestingly obfuscated sunrise sunbeams, interestingly obfuscated sunrise
miscellaneous: pepper and seeds, really icy frozen pizza, rainx misprint apply in temperatures above 40c, red bull pedestrian sign at vt
clouds: cloud projecting the sun, cloud projecting the sun, cloud projecting the sun, cloud projecting the sun, backlit cloud curl, STITCH of cloud projecting the sun, just cloud and sky, sun peeking over clouds with flare, bird soaring under sun peaked clouds, STITCH of graceful cloud with lined wind properties, STITCH of reminds me of dancing clouds, very busy jet trail sky, very busy jet trail sky, swooping cloud, variety of cloud types and patterns, sun crack in the clouds, several details in this cloud system, STITCH of pronounced hilltop clouds, hilltop cloud with line properties, hilltop cloud with line properties, faint patterns in dark gray clouds, curved cloud shelf, STITCH of just gray clouds with pronounced shelf curves, multigray layers of clouds, lower cloud shelf smooth patterns like a ribbon
sky: sky blue just sky fill
scenery: backlit weed detail against road, STITCH of mailbox and post near road, backlit weed detail against grass, backlit weed detail against road, zoom
technology: ironic keyboard failure message
flowers: wet dandelion hair day 2, balls of starred flowers, pan, balls of starred flowers, zoom
aircraft: good year blimp over our town
Roanoke: roanoke star from the back, Roanoke star view path, Roanoke star view path, a wooded path by the Roanoke star, STITCH of side view of the Roanoke star, STITCH of Roanoke Valley view from the star, STITCH of Roanoke Valley zoom skyline mountain view from the star, STITCH of Roanoke view

April 2, 2008 Slideshows are available!
cruise: I am happy to be able to bring you photos from our second cruise: Cozumel, Mexico and Belize city, Belize. For us, a cruise is (can be) one of the most relaxing vacations we have ever taken. Our first cruise was in 2005 and took us to the Bahamas. (Slideshows are available for the first cruise, as well).

March 22, 2008
HAPPY EASTER! I haven't had time to post any typical photos lately, but I did want to share some computer related photos and experiences that may benefit other people who purchased a
Dell Inspiron 530.

January 10, 2008
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have revamped all entries on this page and also just completed adding the slideshows for each day (that has more than one picture). Now you will be able to view each day's photos one after the other without flipping back and forth to the viewing page. There is a slideshow link for each day, after the date. I'll be converting my other photo pages soon as well after a little time off. Enjoy!

December 18, 2007
here to test drive the slideshow for December 8, 2007.
I've just finished the writing a slideshow prototype for the web pages using December 8's pictures. Thanks to Traci S. for the idea. Please let me know what you think, especially if you find any bugs, errors or crashes. As usual, I don't have a lot of time to make it look pretty, just functional. :-)
Hopefully slideshows will mean there will be much less back and forth for viewing the pictures in the near future. I hope to have all previous day's entries retrofitted with a slideshow link before the end of the year, maybe sooner.
P.S. Be sure to click the "show detailed controls" link at any time to see the full range of features. Then you can click "hide" after you've made your selections.

December 8, 2007 View slideshow
I updated the motorcycle pages with some new vstrom and other photos. To access the motorcycle photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.
scenery: STITCH of VA farm scenery 1, STITCH of 360 degrees of VA farm scenery 2, STITCH of VA farm scenery 3b, STITCH of VA farm scenery 4, STITCH of VA farm scenery 5
miscellaneous: helicopter, metal screws fill, bolt screw fill, bolt nut fill, must have been a weird, windy night
animals: content miss kitty. I had some free time on my hands around dusk one summer evening recently, and decided to try to see if I could catch bats in action. I took these by hand (no tripod) and enlarged the results with a simple method I call crop enlarging so that you can see them better. crop enlarged − bat A, bat B, bat C, bat D, bat E, bat F.

November 13, 2007 View slideshow
sun: STITCH of ball of sun, whisp clouds and valley fog, STITCH of foggy church overlook, STITCH of b&w looking sun over river stitch
clouds: valley foggy, STITCH of foggy morning riverbank from bridge, multi type blue cloud dusk, smooth and sharp clouds, giant cumulus cell cloud, STITCH of giant cumulus cell cloud, right side, STITCH of giant cumulus cell cloud, left side, extreme closeup of giant cumulus cell cloud, jet trails make an X, STITCH of another interesting multi-layered clouds, vertical, STITCH of plain clouds slightly whispy, clouds reminds of a jellyfish, clouds reminds of a jellyfish 2, wv highway scenery cumulous, cloud fill, cloud fill 3, big cloud telephone line symmetry, cloud burst and tree silhouette
animals: solitary duck on water, solitary duck on water, zoom, fist sized bat outside my attic vent, fist sized bat outside my attic vent, zoom, two birds on a wire, callie kitten sleeping, callie kitten zoom, callie kitten sitting, long boring interstate trip
sunsets: melting springfield sunset
sunrises: STITCH of busy cloud cracking mountain valley sunrise, early morn vertical sunrise peek with cloud accompany, early morn sunrise peek with cloud accompany, foggy morning belspring sunrise, pan, STITCH of foggy morning belspring sunrise shot, sunrise liquid cloud reflection
bugs: a very big bee-ish bug that flew away, fancy caterpillar, fancy caterpillar 2
miscellaneous: Harley view, a sky high cemetary, rewiring, STITCH of motorcycles, repetitious wood trusses, repetitious wood trusses 2, repetitious wood trusses 3, repetitious wood trusses 4
symmetry: brace symmetry 2, brace symmetry
water drops: water droplets on morning autumn leaves fill, water droplets on morning autumn leaves fill zoom, water droplets on morning autumn leaves fill zoom brighter
interstate: interstate airplane, one officer slow all the speeders down, springfield - a third new smokestack, indianapolis dam, indianapolis race morning traffic again!, risky motorcycle traveller, walmart distribution center, another interstate plains shot
flowers: dripping waterspout flower pan, dripping waterspout flower, dripping waterspout flower zoom, dripping waterspout flower zoom bug
storms: This storm made the roads look like they were covered in salad! road salad storm cloud passed, road salad after storm 1, road salad after storm 2, road salad after storm 3, road salad after storm 4, road salad after storm 5
scenery: curvy mountain interstate, cloudy mountain interstate, cloudy mountain interstate 2, multiple foggy distant valleys along interstate, into infinity, driving view of the flat plains, lots of road scenery, wv highway scenery, wv highway scenery mountainside, wv highway scenery mountain crosssections, wv highway scenery pretty roads, wv highway scenery pretty overlooks, wv highway scenery blurry quick beauty, wv highway scenery down into valley, wv highway scenery down, wv highway scenery mountain treeside, wv highway scenery hill contrast, wv highway scenery road bend, wv highway scenery long and straight, wv highway scenery endless trees and hills, wv highway scenery another long road through beautiful, wv highway scenery straight through the beauty

October 7, 2007 View slideshow
I went to Walt Disney World with my friend Mark earlier this year. I'm dividing them into categories... each of the four main parks (some we visited more than one day, and will be combined together). Furthermore, I am subdividing each park into 1) pictures that will probably interest everyone (appearing directly on this page) and 2) pictures that might not be inherently interesting to everyone (appearing on a separate page for [what I like to call] Disney freaks). Enjoy!
So far, I have only processed pictures from one of the four parks.
disney: MAGIC KINGDOM, 2007 (and the drive to Florida) -
north carolina scenery, harley davidson motorcycles shop with elevator, our highway reflection in a shiny truck, mark's antenna topper, tropical road scene, tropical scene 2, tropical sunset reflection, tropical sunset 3, tropical scene 4, tropical scene 5, tropical scene 6, tropical sunset, tropical hotel, hotel symmetry, monorail, space mountain hard to get ending scenes 1, space mountain hard to get ending scenes 2, space mountain hard to get ending scenes 3, space mountain hard to get ending scenes 4, space mountain hard to get ending scenes 5, space mountain moving sidewalk light tunnel, wire symmetry, this child was crying, so i took its picture and it stopped. mother thanked me, castle angle with water reflection, haunted mansion from steamboat, harper's mill from steamboat, paddleboat from big thunder, big thunder locomotive in action, big thunder, paddle boat, canon, STITCH of organized strollers in the kids section of the park, awww - winnie and a cute little girl, cute kid, mark and stitch audience, speedway fro mwedway, main street from tomorrowland over water, pretty dining area, crowded streets of people in frontier land, castle and crowds from frontier land, STITCH of scenic stream and restaurant, main street market house and town jewelers corner, dining symmetry, dining area, disney balloon fill, zoom, looking up at disney balloon fill, disney crystal mickey castle minnie, prism, pretty lamp post, jack and the beanstalk store, looking up at the castle, looking up at the castle, less, looking up at a castle spire with tink-ish cloud, egret, monorail attendant, dusk castle across lagoon, ferry, main street at night, STITCH of orange castle, neat lighted area, orange castle, zoom, purple castle, neat haunted mansion light shadows, night paddleboat 1, night paddleboat 2, night orange castle and wharf from frontier land, pirates at night, night tiki and moon, night tomorrowland, night purple castle, night orange polkadot castle, night blue castle and main street, night train station, night monorail station symmetry, contemporary from monorail exit, STITCH of grand floridian, castle and main street with few people, interesting glass texture shot, steamboat cast members, big thunder mountain from steamboat 4, duck! and flowers, monorail signature shot with contemporary in distance, side view of contemporary with monorail, grand floridian at night 1, grand floridian at night 2, grand floridian at night 3, grand floridian chandelier
As I mentioned before, here is the link to Magic Kingdom, 2007, collection 2.
Earlier this year, I posted the stitches from this Disney trip.

August 1, 2007 View slideshow
water drops: I awoke to a picture taking freak's dream one morning while on vacation. I found each blade of grass on the lawn clinging to its own droplet of water, and the sun illuminating them all. Finally, a good opportunity and enough time to take advantage of it. even a solitary weed looks pretty, STITCH of that sunny weed, STITCH of shaded dandelion, all shade, STITCH of more sunlit dewy grass
water drops: I spent a good amount of time experimenting, and came out with some interesting shots (and a few sore muscles). Unfortunately, due to a slight breeze moving the moisture laden grass, most of the macro stitches did not turn out, so I did not include them here. bursts, bursts, STITCH of sunny and shady overview, sharp dark 5, field of microscopic looking bursts, sunny drops and webs, nice drop, solitary blade drop, sun's highlights on two blades of grass, solitary tip burst, solitary tip burst look like eyeball, solitary tip drop, unique backlighting and water effect, web whisp low, hanging starburst, unique drop microscopic pattern, elongated starbursts, starburst and microscopic patterns, STITCH of grass blades and dew drops, upside down in a drop with microscopic, busy green stalks with perfect drop and microscopic patterns, green stalks with drops, green stalks with high drops, green stalks with one starburst drop, twisted blade with drop burst, blade with drop on other side focusing sun
scenery: And this is the neighbor's yard (probably thought I was crazy) - lawn decorations
water drops: Here's some other water bead pictures, taken recently - beads of water on vstrom gas tank, beads of water on vstrom blue, beads of water on leaf, good textures
I also updated the motorcycle pages, Annual Ride To Work day photos. To access the motorcycle photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page. Specifically, here.

June 27, 2007
I have updated the guest pages with some new pictures from Louise and Susan. To access the guest photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.
I have updated the motorcycle pages, Radian and V-Strom. To access the motorcycle photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.

June 10, 2007 View slideshow
I started processing a couple of pictures this weekend, and couldn't stop. So here's some more.
miscellaneous: joking around - wise guys tree cutting service. whiteboard cleaning handprints, fish balls, balloon animals fill, instrumental reflections, closeup instrumental reflections 1, closeup instrumental reflections 2, high winds take their toll on the road I live on
lights: beautiful light fixture, pan, beautiful light fixture, beautiful light fixture, zoom, beautiful light fixture, profile, beautiful light fixture, closeup
scenery: STITCH of more foggy morning mountain view, STITCH of even more foggy morning mountain view, neat valley road view, foggy morning mountain view, morning foggy lookout
sunrises: spilling sunrise through trees
symmetry: power line symmetry, busy power pole
flowers: STITCH of purple flowers and snow, purple flowers rocks and and snow, flower dying from snow and cold
snow: just when you think it's spring
clouds: distant visible fog layer
bugs: a very big bee-ish bug that flew away
Virginia Tech: Tragedy. I didn't post anything at the time (April 16, 2007) because I really didn't have anything to post. We were all stunned and it seemed so surreal that something like this could happen right here in our midst, and gain world-wide attention. Our hearts and prayers go out to those directly and indirectly affected by the tragic events at Virginia Tech. And in the same token; thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, and support. STITCH of police support, half mast; day after vt tragedy

June 3, 2007 View slideshow
I am pleased to introduce a new page called the friends page, and the inspiration for this page, my new friend, LaydieAnne. (normal link to friends page is at the top of this page in those boxes).
bugs: spider lunch 1, spider lunch 2
ice: end of march hail 1, end of march hail 2
lights: (Christiansburg Adventure World roller skating) multicolored texas snowballs, frozen gobo, red flash
miscellaneous: (Christiansburg Adventure World roller skating) ghostly skaters, party patterned carpet fill
disney: My first trip to Disney World with a digital camera. I didn't have time to go through all 2500 photos I took in WDW, yet, but I will. For now, I hope you can enjoy some of the better stitches from this trip. STITCH of magic kingdom main street from bridge, STITCH of cinderella's castle and stream, STITCH of polynesian and grand floridian at dusk, STITCH of grand floridian and polynesian at dusk, STITCH of main street at night, STITCH of soarin queue line, STITCH of mission space entrance, STITCH of test track single rider's line, STITCH of epcot the land to nemo, STITCH of stretch from imagination, STITCH of epcot flowers 1, STITCH of epcot flowers 2, STITCH of the land and imagination across water, STITCH of epcot flowers 3, STITCH of oriental pond with sun, STITCH of oriental pavillion, STITCH of world showcase lagoon, STITCH of epcot front monuments, STITCH of epcot front fountains and monuments, STITCH of spaceship earth at night, STITCH of the new epcot entrance at night, STITCH of view from atop the yeti, STITCH of the nemo musical stage, STITCH of pretty red flowers, STITCH of magic kingdom morning crowd, STITCH of magic kingdom morning crowd first in park, STITCH of a ready outdoor eating area, STITCH of haunted mansion and boat dock, STITCH of tom sawyer island, STITCH of frontier land, STITCH of unique thunder mountain view, STITCH of frontier land dock river and sawyer's island, STITCH of hall of presidents, all of them, STITCH of entrance view from train station, STITCH of monorail co-pilot 180 view, STITCH of lake buena vista contemporary to grand floridian, STITCH of lake buena vista polynesian to grand floridian, STITCH of gorgeous buena vista walk, STITCH of grand floridian outside, STITCH of lake buena vista space mountain to pollynesian village, STITCH of buena vista cinderella's castle to polynesian at night, STITCH of buena vista cinderella's castle to contemporary at night, STITCH of grand floridian boat dock at night, STITCH of grand floridian pool at night, STITCH of inside the grand floridian, STITCH of universe of energy mirrors, STITCH of universe of energy dinosaurs, STITCH of epcot flowers and monorail tracks over water, STITCH of epcot back entrance panorama, STITCH of world showcase beautiful day, STITCH of the seas with nemo and friends at night, STITCH of sci-fi dine in theater, STITCH of sci-fi dine-in theater at, STITCH of stunt show crowd, STITCH of stunt show set, STITCH of legs and feet when I'm too tired to stand in line, STITCH of phantasmic crowd and stage, STITCH of phatasmic crowd, STITCH of rockin roller coaster pre-show area, STITCH of rockin roller coaster launch area, STITCH of tower of terror elevators
While in Orlando, we came across a Camarilla convention sharing our hotel, and snapped some shots.

March 18, 2007 View slideshow
lights: Christmas related, belated - cranberry sierra mist take 2 (white bottom), part of our tree, ornament reflection, whole room reflection in ornament. (An interesting experiment with manual focus) - light blobs 1, light blobs 2, light blobs 3, light blobs 4, light blobs 5, light blobs 6, light blobs 7, MOVIE of light blobs 1 (3.4 MB), MOVIE of lights blobs 2 (3.1 MB), MOVIE of lights blobs 3 (3.8 MB), MOVIE of colorful border blobs 1 (2.5 MB), MOVIE of colorful border blobs 2 (3.0 MB), MOVIE of colorful border blobs 3 (3.0 MB), tall STITCH of light blobs
scenery: STITCH of salu scenic riverbend 1, STITCH of salu scenic riverbend 2, STITCH of salu scenic riverbend 3
miscellaneous: Valentine M&Ms fill, sunlit cup of ice fill 1, sunlit cup of ice fill 2, sunlit cup of ice fill 3, sunlit cup of ice fill 4, sun through an icy bush fill 1, sun through an icy bush fill 2, icy bush fill 3
clouds: lots o cirrus, salu jet trails, jet trail rainbow, overexposed, lone jet trail reminds me of end of the world bomb ;-), jet trail modified by upper winds, swirls, two orange jet trails, neat cloud, jet trail intersection, STITCH of busy cirrus sky
sunsets: STITCH of sunset, sunset behind the trees, prelude to orange triangle glow sunset, orange triangle glow sunset 1, STITCH of orange triangle glow sunset 2, orange triangle glow sunset 3, STITCH of dark orange triangle glow sunset 4
moon: salu day moon
ice: It rained one night as the temperature just barely dropped past freezing. A very strong, dry wind caused the roads to dry up, but everything else froze! Talk about beauty! It was nearly impossible with still shots (need movement) and poor camera video (low resolution) to capture the brilliant sun sparkling (as though through diamond fields!) through the icy covered trees and grass, but hopefully you get the idea... sun through an icy bush 1, sun through an icy bush 2, STITCH of icy bush, horizontal, icy bush 3, STITCH of icy bush, vertical, icy closeup 1, icy closeup 2, icy closeup 3, nearby treeline, super windy and cold, next moment the other way, STITCH of nearby icy treeline, distant treeline, STITCH of nearby treeline, STITCH of nearby treeline, zoom, sun shimmering fences, icy fields of grass, icy traffic lights, dry roads, icy everything else, icy scenic views, icy trees hang low, icy scenic view 2, dry roads, icy scenic view 3, STITCH of tree ice reflects street light at night 1, tree ice reflects street light at night 2, tree ice reflects street light at night 3, STITCH of icy fields of grass 2, sun illuminates icy traffic light, STITCH of sun illuminates icy tree(s) and grass, STITCH of icy plants
miscellaneous: earring, salu tree shadows, wall decor, triangle shadow, muddy footprint with raindrop, vt drillfield aeration holes, aeration closeup

January 21, 2007 View slideshow
clouds: foggy valley, cloudy sky, just clouds 1, just clouds 2, just clouds 3, STITCH of cloud tail whisp sunset, jet trail sunset lit, mega ribbed sky with low full moon, STITCH of mega ribbed sky, STITCH of mega ribbed sky precarious perch, bold western sky on mega ribbed day, flag cloud sunset kissed, pan
sunrises: cloudy sky, foggy valley sunrise, van road foggy cloudy sunrise, sunrise overlook, STITCH of missed a scarlet blood red sunrise
sunsets: IL sunset
miscellaneous: flag against pink sunset, toilet accident, not traffic accident (be sure to secure your load when hauling), mini etch-a-sketch with MEH message from work, flash
cities: Charleston WV capitol from Interstate, cincinatti drive through from Interstate, cincinatti power grid for jarod from Interstate, good view of the plains from Interstate
silhouettes: street corner street light tree silhouette
animals: tabatha and cody
Virginia Tech: christmas decorations and parties - chocolate fountain, skelton inn christmas decorations, dinner settings, STITCH of piano top reflection of christmas decorations, Christmas candle, pan, Christmas candle, zoom, Christmas candle
cars: mini cooper uk mirror, side, mini cooper uk mirror, front
special: stop motion egg beaters, steve making egg nog

January 11, 2007 View slideshow
Happy New Year!
animals: A co-worker (thanks Karen!) pointed out this squirrel that had been there a long time. It seems to be contently sunbathing on a cold winter morning, high up in a tree where it's safe from predators content winter subathing squirrel. I wanted to get a better picture of the bird and the squirrel together, but it flew away right after I snapped this one cool bird and squirrel. Wonder if the bird was checking to make sure if the squirrel was still alive, or just likes to be in photos? ;-) Here's the bird by itself cool bird.

December 13, 2006 View slideshow
I am pleased to introduce a new guest photographer (Susan M) on the Guest photos page (normal link to guest page is at the top of this page in those boxes).
technology: dust build-up in vent holes, old computer memory chip scape 1, old computer memory chip scape 2, old computer memory chip scape 3
sun: stop light sun beams
sunsets: sun kiss flare, path in the clouds sunset
lights: cranberry sierra mist and christmas lights − with condensation, in focus (no condensation), looking down into glass, bottom of glass, zoom

November 14, 2006 View slideshow
clouds: mega cotton ball sunrise with fog − early, later, STITCH of!. (This is an excellent example of why I like to stitch; to get the bigger picture!).

November 10, 2006 View slideshow
bugs: I think this is called a wood spider. From above - wood spider against blue, wood spider against brown, from the front - wood spider mega face closeup, wood spider mega closeup STITCH!. This is a (similar) wood spider I found in my shed a while back. I think it was a little bigger, but could be mistaken. work glove to compare wood spider size, wood spider on cut log, closeup

October 1, 2006 View slideshow
Thanks to a prominent cold front passing through the area, the air haze was greatly reduced, allowing one to see clearly for 40 miles or more!
sun: multi high thin clouds, flag, sunburst, overpowering warmth
scenery: STITCH of pulaski side of drapers valley, STITCH of drapers valley, STITCH of drapers valley overlooking the overlook, STITCH of old house foundation, STITCH of pulaski side of drapers valley zoom to see cities, STITCH of pulaski side of drapers valley, vertical, STITCH of drapers valley, STITCH of the green hills of drapers valley, STITCH of old fireplace on old house foundation, STITCH of pulaski bridge view, STITCH of pulaski county courthouse, STITCH of pulaski county courthouse, STITCH of pulaski calfee park, STITCH of pulaski courthouse from main st, STITCH of highland rd countryside, STITCH of highland rd countryside and warm sun, STITCH of highland rd rolling green hills, country tree fence and rolling green hills, fence moon hole, STITCH of highland rd my favorite hill and tree, STITCH of highland rd screnic tree and fence view, sunny tree haybales, STITCH of highland rd scenic view around sunset, highland rd, my favorite hill, towering beauty
clouds: STITCH of only clouds
bugs: country spider back and side, country spider behind, country spider, profile
cars: 1982 Delorian, front right, 1982 Delorian, front, 1982 Delorian, rear left, 1982 Delorian, rear
miscellaneous: public access channel windows error oopsie, inside air duct

September 23, 2006 View slideshow
miscellaneous: beginnings of yummy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, brown and white sugar tower, busy powerlines can spoil scenery, buckeye, husk, halved, maybe squirrel chewed buckeye meat, power lines feeding a distant cell tower
symmetry: butterfly park under the road tunnel
people: STITCH of ultimate frisbee practice and girl under tree, butterfly park jogger in tunnel
scenery: butterfly park uphill, neat tree silhouette, STITCH of scenic view from Radford high school, STITCH of scenic bridge view from Radford high school, butterfly park scenic steps, butterfly park bridge and leafy path, new river boaters and raford bridge, STITCH of bisset waiting boat, STITCH of Radford University Dorms over rooftops, STITCH of distant RU dorms, Radford high school amidst scenic view, radford plaza, high school and stadium in distance with scenic view, STITCH of fairlawn lowes, walmart, dollar tree etc among scenery
animals: daisy, firehydrant, bisset bridge scenery
flowers: yellow pointy flower

September 16, 2006 View slideshow
And there's lots more where this came from... Here's some of the better ones I took in the last couple of weeks.
animals: small green frog on window, two small green frogs on window, small green frog mirrored on window, mk's new perch, one sleepy pooch, daisy paws folded looking right at you, daisy lazing on bed, STITCH of cat hamper rest, daisy out car window in rearview mirror
sunrises: starburt sunrise over new river, fog, no cars, vaguely ghost-like sunrise, morning sunrise over field with fence, morning sunrise over field with trees and details, morning sunrise over field with slope details, clouds look like a hand presenting the sun between thumb and index finger, morning sunrise, hills, fog, traffic, another drippy foggy cloudy sunrise
clouds: sailboat cloud riding the sun, storm breaking up multi cloud layers, STITCH of some clouds, is it me, or is this cloud a little suggestive, STITCH of really nice day clouds and countryside, distant cloud formation, distant cloud formation
sunsets: blacksburg mountain sunset, blacksburg mountain sunset zoom, purple sunset with yellow highlights
sun: STITCH of majestic cloud tipped sunburst and sun rays, STITCH of sun beamed clouds over a house, STITCH of majestic ray streamed cloud over church
scenery: STITCH of golden scenic foggy morning pond reflection, short, STITCH of golden scenic foggy morning pond reflection, longer, STITCH of golden scenic foggy morning, longest, jet trails over scenic morning pond view, woods and buildings scene, STITCH of green rooftop valley view, tree and scenery, STITCH of why they call it blue ridge, STITCH of bluetiful view, STITCH of gorgeous valleys, STITCH of goreous valleys, zoom, scenery over the edge, STITCH of near tree and distant valleys, STITCH of valley and skies mirror beauty, STITCH of other side of the road's valley, hawk or eagle on parkway against blue sky, STITCH of road, mountain, and valley view, STITCH of thick green valleys, STITCH of excellent scenery zoom, STITCH of house with a great scenic view, parkway dead tree and rock, STITCH of encroaching civilization - another lost countryside, field of plants
people: maryellen and daisy walking the long trail
traffic: STITCH of morning rush hour accident and traffic, motorcycle downpour
miscellaneous: Maruchan Ramen lunches, STITCH of nancy's candy company, maryellen, nancy's sign, radian and eating candy, cleaning the bathroom, supplies in the window
flowers: crisp purple flower and bee overhead, crisp purple flower and bee bee head, purple flower depth, butterfly's purple thistle lunch, dark red flowers, deep red flower, red berries bush, extra long cat tail plants, yellow butterfly, wasp flower lunch, STITCH of pinkish flowers, three minute white flower long thin petals., brown spider, yellow flower, red and ping flower collage, patch of yellow brown flowers, real cat tails, brown butterfly's lunch
Virginia Tech: STITCH of part of the drillfield facing burruss hall, church under the war memorial, looking at war memorial from drillfield, vt mall and torgersen bridge, drillfield from war memorial
night: cemetary visit − night full moon through trees, full moon over trees, full moon details, tombstone and cross light together, nearly full orange moon from cemetary with water reflect and treeline, cemetary moon and trees, cemetary dead tree silhouette and stars at night, cemetary glowing marker, nearly full moon, tombstones night scenic view, glowing cross grass horizon scape, cemetary scenic tree moon shot but camera move moon dip, cemetary scenic tree moon shot, moon flare

September 11, 2006
I am happy to present Burke's Garden 2006 photos
here (normal link to the motorcycle pages is at the top of this page in those boxes, then choose rides and events, and then group rides).
There are some really beautiful scenic shots to be found in the Burke's Garden / Hungry Mother State Park ride. Especially this year!
Also wanted to take a moment to remember Sept 11, 2001 on this 5th anniversary. All of our lives were touched, some more than others. Don't forget the lives lost. Don't forget those that (did and continue to) risk their lives everyday for us - our military and other services like police, fire, rescue, emergency personnel, etc. My sincerest thanks goes out to them all.

September 8, 2006 View slideshow
I just finished a total re-write of a program I wrote and use to help me format and prepare my pictures for the web. It took longer than I wanted, but should pay off in the long run. You may start seeing some new changes creeping into the pages. I also want to go back and retrofit as well. But NOW, it is time for a much needed page update. My computer is almost literally bursting at the seams with photos to share, but not enough time (for me) to do so. But there will be. Winter is coming, and promises some long hours indoors. Until then, here is another morsel of freshly baked chocolate-"pic" cookie...
I am pleased to introduce a new guest photographer (Louise) on the Guest photos page (normal link to guest page is at the top of this page in those boxes).
bugs: cool moth at dollar tree, bug on antenna
scenery: STITCH of scenic roof view, STITCH of house with a view, STITCH of scenic tree hillscape
animals: lazy animal day, AW! CUTE little puppy, cute little puppy 2
clouds: sunrise thin layer of bumpy clouds, STITCH of isolated towering cloud system, STITCH of another line of clouds, billowing clouds, cloud tower, multifacets with nice shading and details
miscellaneous: And last but not least, a little Friday humor. Subtitled "A good day at Microsoft". msn butterfly attack, penguine stew aka pengstu

August 22, 2006
Viginia Tech William Morva incident - The entire community rejoices that the suspect has been caught yet mourns the loss of the two officers who died protecting us.

July 14, 2006 View slideshow
I am pleased to introduce my new motorcycle picture pages. (There's also a link to it in the boxes at the top of this page)
animals: Driving Miss Daisy Daisy in the motorcycle rearview mirror
spider webs: dewy water drop spider web on birch branches − with sunrise, brighter, zoom dew drops, tight web.

June 21, 2006 View slideshow
silhouettes: Paintball bonfire
animals: Daisy's favorite seat in the car, Daisy, say cheese, Roadside duck wash 1, Roadside duck wash 2

April 19, 2006 View slideshow
And another gorgeous day yesterday, to coax out those spring buds.
water drops: This morning, cool and dewy - morning dew drops, morning dew drops pan, morning dew drops 2
flowers: This morning, cool and dewy - white dandelion bad hair day. white dandelion closeup, white dandelion vertical closeup, white dandelion vertical 2.
animals: daisy showdog pose, daisy resting under tree
scenery: green spring buds, grass slope with sun flare
people: Easter Trampolining - trampoline feet, trampoline duncan, trampoline oops, trampoline steve, trampoline shante hair, trampoline shante hair 2

April 15, 2006 - Happy Easter! He is risen! View slideshow
It was a gorgeous day here today, this day before Easter...
sun: sun behind cloud and beams
flowers: red tulip (front), yellow daffodil with sky, red tulip from behind, illuminated red tulip, green plants and sun peek, illuminated red tulip

March 21, 2006
My relatives in Springfield, IL sent me these links to pictures of the recent (two) tornadoes that hit there right about March 12 (give or take a day).
a small but good collection of photos and their local news paper (see "storm photo galleries").

December 27, 2005 View slideshow
moon: Morning moon
sunrises: STITCH of postcard perfect sunrise clouds
clouds: Today was the day of the jet trails, for sure. Seemingly all day long there were jet trails in the sky... S streak over great sunrise clouds, three prominent jet trails, several prominent jet trails at lunch, casting a shadow on clouds behind (a little hard to see)
lights: At work I decorate my cactus for Christmas. Christmas Cactus. Next year I will add more decorations.
miscellaneous: the most unique snow melting pattern, another strange snow melt pattern
animals: We found out our dog likes eggnog (a lot)... egg nogg dog, side view, egg nogg dog, head on

December 18, 2005 View slideshow
miscellaneous: A very Wendy's Merry Christmas! I was pleasantly surprised to see this site this morning on my way to church.
water drops: And took these when I got home. water fireworks 1, water fireworks 2, water fireworks 3, water fireworks 4. The ice is finally mostly melted (hooray). So thanks to gutters that still need fixing and a nice sunny day, I got to be held captive by a miniature fireworks display of melting ice water splashing in puddles on my front porch. (The sun is illuminating the droplets from just off camera from the upper-left).
As you can see, I have gotten very far behind schedule on updates to these pages, but plan to do some serious catching up this winter. Wish me luck!

March 30, 2005 View slideshow
cruise: Database progress was going better for a while, but then halted for (our very first) cruise vacation (to the Bahamas). It was like a little bit of paradise - hammock, cococay, snorkeling.
Naturally, I had to take lots of pictures. They will be posted here until I can get the database finished and get them entered into the database.
It was one of the best vacations we have ever taken.

February 20, 2005
Wanted to let you know about my database progress. At
this page you can see the current database functionality I have achieved. Not much visible so far, but there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff you cannot see yet.
Miyazaki: I made up this little Miyazaki calendar reminder for Tuesday. Like the bookmark? Miyazaki's movies Nausicaa, Porco Rosso and The Cat Returns will be coming to DVD for the first time in America, thanks to Disney. Don't forget to purchase your copy! also has information about getting a free dvd if you purchase all three, and of course links to the dvd covers, menus, trailiers, etc.

February 6, 2005
Happy new Year! Just finished my taxes this weekend, and now I get to keep plugging on the pages. This database stuff is taking a long time, but it is coming along. I hope to have a working database page up before the end of the month, and then after that, other database functionality shouldn't be far behind.
In preparation, today I have overhauled this page (although you probably won't notice any changes). But PLEASE DO let me know if you see any broken links, ok? Thanks for your interest and patience!

December 20, 2004 View slideshow
people: Merry Christmas! #2 Merry Christmas! #3

December 18, 2004
Merry Christmas! (nancy, zeb, steve)
Unfortunately, progress on the page updates is slow, but is proceeding. Maybe I will ask Santa for more hours in the day or more days in the weekend for Christmas!

December 1, 2004
I am converting these pages into a database format, so that (hopefully) it will be easier to find and view pictures. I also hope to be able to implement thumbnail preview pictures. It is a big reorganization, but hopefully it will make the pages easier to use. For programming practice, I will be writing everything on my own, completely from scratch. Thanks for your interest and your patience!

October 31, 2004
miscellaneous: Took this last night at Walmart - the smiley face

October 23, 2004 View slideshow
scenery: STITCH of well decoration, STITCH of scarecrow garden, STITCH of clear day, hilly road, and mountain view, wood pile, satellite dish between trees, clear day, hilly road, and mountain view. fields - daisy looking out over weed field, a lone pine tree in the field, nice hill field, nice sloped weedy hillside and treeline, STITCH of tree line. pine tree oasis - floor and trees, pine tree heaven - a very nice backyard, pine tree heaven - looking up at steve and trees, pine tree heaven - looking up at trees, church field - pine tree heaven - backyard from floor, pine tree heaven - greens pines and picnic table, STITCH of pretty pine back yard, STITCH of pretty pines and shed. the same river, two different places - river through trees, innertubers on river, pilot river road nice house scene, daisy looking out window, green trees, road, river, mountain and river, green park area across river, river, trees, park, house, STITCH of bisset park trees, grass and river in background, STITCH of bisset park river and treeline, STITCH of river scene, daisy and the fisherman
miscellaneous: square water droplets after rain on window screen
flowers: purple field flower and pollen covered bee
silhouettes: weed against sky silhouette, weed silhouettes against sky, orange street lamp, tree silhouette, fog beams at night, orange street lamp, tree silhouette, fog beams at night, mall sunset and car top reflection, trying for silhouette, trying for wilco sunrise tree silhouette, driving sunset and silhouette snapshots
flowers: white and yellow field flower with a tiny bug, yellow field flower, intricate white flower cluster queen anne's lace maybe, purple field flower, purple field thistle flower, purple field flower and bee flying, church field - purple field flower and pollen covered bee, purple field flower and pollen covered bee, white flower yellow middle, two white flowers by the park, purple flowers by the park, tons of little white flowers bush, tons of little white flowers bush
animals: two does at dusk, oreo sits on laptop case too
traffic: accident vehicle on pepper's ferry hill, tailgating sign - do you follow jesus this close
sun: sun cutting sky in half over cumulus
clouds: cloud feathery whispy pattern, bold crossing jet trails, nice whispy cloud set and two birds soaring, four jet trails like a claw over mountain, silky smooth cloud and sharp edge sunset, STITCH of nice whispy cloud set, STITCH of silky smooth cloud and sharp edge sunset, STITCH of tall vertical smooth as silk cloud, cold front sharp edge maybe
sunsets: that silky sunset now orange, STITCH of that silky sunset now orange
reflections: bisset stone bridge supports and perfect river reflection, stone bridge supports and perfect river reflection, stone bridge supports and perfect river reflection, stone bridge supports and perfect river reflection, bisset nice river alcove ripples on the perfect river reflection, STITCH of trees and bridge perfect river reflection
bugs: banana spider maybe, straight line prey spider, straight line prey spider webs, spider web tilting wind chime, another banana spider maybe, another banana spider maybe, black spider, leaf bug, halloween hay spider eating a guy
people: can you spot the G3? michelle knitting via passenger mirror, michelle knitting via passenger mirror, michelle and mark in passenger mirror
fall foliage: fiery leaves on a well lit green tree, fiery leaves on a well lit green tree

September 8, 2004 View slideshow
scenery: nice building and sky across the way, stadium, airport, nws satellite dish, STITCH of stadium horizon shot, STITCH of mountain skyline
sunsets: pretty sunset clouds and tree, wire, bird silhouettes, airport sunset 1, airport sunset 2, airport sunset 3, airport sunset 4, sunset illuminated cumulus over building with sunset window reflect, same sunset illuminated cumulus over techlab, the sunset clouds, STITCH of long, colorful sunset
sunrises: early morning foggish sunrise over road, telephone pole sunrise
animals: oreo carrying beads in her mouth, oreo looking at, oreo after a yawn WOW FUNNY
miscellaneous: ground and steve's shadow, edible screen print cake (have you seen these yet? neat!), bag of terra exotic vegetable chips, terra exotic vegetable chips (these are good!), propane company burning off propane during 8am business traffic, propane company burning off propane on 460 business 8am traffic, see through bridge, weather satellite dishes
aircraft: airplane approaching airport for landing, another in pattern too, airplane approaching airport for landing
clouds: look at the illuminated cumulus!, this house should put it in perspective, look at that cumulus!, distant sunset illuminated cumulus, STITCH of whisp clouds with crisp tops
cars: foggy morning viper rearend, foggy morning viper rear right, foggy morning viper and z car pair, foggy morning viper, front. Test drive Steve's Viper page, featuring Josh's Viper, and other nice cars. (currently still under construction).

August 30, 2004 View slideshow
animals: gus curious behind chair, gus curious, gus sitting up to look out window, gus keeping warm on computer monitor, gus licking paw, smokey in the grass
bugs: praying mantis looking at you, praying mantis just hanging out, praying mantis looking at you head on, praying mantis top
miscellaneous: Atlanta very long utility hallway
cities: Atlanta, GA - atlanta glass window skyscraper, atlanta the circle scraper, atlanta square scraper with clouds and cloud reflection, atlanta squarescraper, clouds, cloud reflections, traffic signal light and sign, atlanta mostly all squarescraper cloud reflections, atlanta parking garage with all cars hanging over edge, atlanta many buildings and circle scraper reflected!, atlanta see bus tracks on sidewalk, this person had to step back, atlanta colorful person sculpture, atlanta geometric cube jack sculptures, atlanta waterfall and a transient man feeding the pigeons, atlanta waterfall area, atlanta looking down the long length of the waterfall, atlanta looking over the long calm length of the waterfall, atlanta looking over the long calm length of the waterfall to see the birdlike structure, atlanta underground a long hall, atlanta underground many shops, atlanta resting area fountains and building whale murals, atlanta busy buildings intersection, atlanta mirror scraper, lamps, building reflection, atlanta side street with tall buildings look, atlanta lamps, mirror scraper, and building reflect, atlanta side street with very tall building, atlanta mirror scraper with single cloud reflection, tree, lamp, atlanta square scraper, circle scraper, overhanging parking garage, atlanta up the street empty side, atlanta up the street with cars, atlanta looking up the mirror scraper, atlanta looking up the mirror scraper a little farther out, STITCH of lockheed wind tunnel and logo wall. Atlanta, GA CNN tour - atlanta cnn building and building cleaners, atlanta inside cnn front logo wall, atlanta inside cnn atrium, atlanta inside cnn atrium, atlanta inside cnn atrium another photographer, atlanta inside cnn atrium a nice, signature cnn shot, atlanta inside cnn tour up high picture of atrium floor, see map north aamerica maybe, atlanta inside cnn tour floor is a map - atlanta, atlanta inside cnn atrium ice cream toppings, atlanta a fountain outside the cnn building. Atlanta, GA Coca-Cola tour - atlanta coke tour spinning signature globe, atlanta coke tour through window spinning coke emblem, mural, buildings, STITCH of atlanta coca-cola tour various flags other countries, STITCH of atlanta coke tour coca-cola flags in various languages.
clouds: two sunset clouds one pink one dark, two sunset clouds one pink on dark, dual action cloud layers, dual action cloud layers bright edge and sun, dual action cloud layers, cumulus, look at the illuminated cumulus!, STITCH of lockheed storm clouds
interstate: a very nice view from south carolina border rest stop, a nice view from south carolina border rest stop, ah, 6 miles in 30 minutes (Interstate slowdowns because people wanted to look at the boats), North Carolina boats, NC boats 2, Other side is backed up too

August 17, 2004 View slideshow
sun: very neat sun ring through neat clouds, sun behind solitary cloud
sunsets: sparse orange sunset and scenery silhouette
sunrises: morning electric silk sunrise and giant cloud display, morning electric silk sunrise, morning electric silk sunrise
reflections: sunrise reflected in windows
bugs: some kind of brown moth with orange stripes, some kind of wasp nest maybe underside see honeycombs, some kind of wasp nest maybe, orange moth with fake eye on gas pump
animals: some kind of little bird's nest, bunny rabbit on the side of the morning road, soaring bird, soaring bird 2
night: the big dipper over our house is easier to see in the full sized version of the picture. cat in window at night
clouds: after storm clouds, cumulus cloud, STITCH of cloud-set and shadowbeams of sun
miscellaneous: Thanks to Marc and Nancy, I now have a nice set of coins from other countries. Some of them have words in the ridges like tutamen, side of house and setting sun on tractor cutting hay, tractor cutting hay, large flasks, five large flasks, weather balloon, blue motorcycle and horsetail painted on caddy at lowe's
scenery: STITCH of hayfield getting tractor cut
cars: big sun and josh driving s2000 (a little overexposed, but interesting), josh driving s2000 and motion blurred trees
animals: daisy riding on car middle
interstate: the peach watertower, the peach watertower (closer), car just flipped over median, car just flipped over median 2, maze of overpasses maybe five, interstate coming up on atlanta, ga - good building and traffic
Shane has updated his pages with lots of pics of his new baby girl and other things. very cute! go check it out at the other photographers link above!

July 19, 2004 View slideshow
people: byron, byron and railroad bridge, fishers across the river, ice cream truck 1, ice cream truck 2, old couple picnic, wader fisher through trail trees catches a fish, wader fisher through trail trees, couple sitting by the river nice
animals: wet daisy licking face at river level and wader fisher in background, daisy sitting in river and wader fisher, daisy resting on couch tongue out, partial coffee table reflection, mk closeups 1, mk closeups 2, spaz closeup, mk closeups 3, mk closeups 4 eyes closed, mk closeups 5 cute sitting position eyes closed, mk closeups 6 cute resting position, mk extreme closeup 7, mk extreme closeup 8 cute nose, bisset birdhouse bird flying, sunning mallards
bugs: caterpillar, orange underside spider green legs, inverse spider silhouette, orange underside spider back markings, daddy long legs under a leaf
clouds: bubbling cumulus and trees, deep blue sun and bursts peeking over passing cloud, colorful blue and green wilson hillside, colorful blue and green wilson hillside, high low cloud layers, gust front 1, gust front 2, gust front 3, gust front 4, gust front 5, gust front 6, gust front 7, gust front 8, gust front 9, gust front 10, gust front 11, practically an X in the clouds, great cloud system, STITCH of big cloud on mountain horizon, dark storm cloud mountains, sun bursting through heavy clouds, very threatening clouds
Radford: Memorial Day - STITCH of memorial day radford intersection, memorial day flags at the radford intersection, memorial bridge sign and memorial day flags, memorial day flags at the radford intersection straight out, memorial day flags at the radford intersection straight out, memorial day flags at the radford intersection straight out, memorial day flags at the radford intersection straight out
miscellaneous: rustic foyer at church, charlie's coin collection booth at the Pulaski fair, recycling (It's about time) - I finally had time to do our recycling! There was no room for daisy, but she wanted to come, so she had to ride on the floorboard until I dropped off the stuff. scenery: great countryside view at the Pulaski fair, under the green canopy of bisset, fallen tree scene, STITCH of tall old looking tree on bisset trail, railroad tracks bridge, tree hills, river

July 16, 2004
No new pictures today. I just wanted to share with you a new set of pages I have started, hosted right here at SingleMoments / PictureTakingFreak. My
What If Microsoft pages allow us all to have a little harmless fun at Microsoft's expense. Enjoy!

July 7, 2004 View slideshow
It's been a rainy summer so far...
sun: STITCH of western cloud array with sunbeams o plenty, western cloud array with sunbeams o plenty, zoom, coming storm hazy orange sun over housetop, sun behind ghostly clouds
clouds: nice bright clouds, distant cloud cell, edge of the distant cloud cell, three to four jet trails sunrise, like scratches, three to four jet trails like blossom, very turbulent clouds, very turbulent clouds, large cloud, after storm system clouds with dim sun shining through some, contrast storm clouds over roof with bird, storm clouds and visible rainshower downpour over mountains, storm clouds and visible rainshower downpour over mountains, billowing cumulus on horizon over building, big cumulus on horizon over construction site, big cumulus over construction with water reflection, STITCH of big cumulus on horizon over construction site, STITCH of big cumulus on horizon over construction site, big cumulus and traffic light, big cumulus and another cloud on horizon, STITCH of big storm system passed, STITCH of billowing cumulus on horizon over techlab building, illuminated sunset cloud looks like it's on fire, fire cloud zoom
scenery: smart road over countryside 1, smart road over countryside 2, smart road over countryside 3, a road, hill, driveways and two neighbors, STITCH of scenic view from techlab
sunrises: foggy sunrise, hills, trees, cars, foggy countryside sunrise silhouettes of house, trees, wires, birds, foggy sunrise over intersection with sihouhettes
miscellaneous: aluminum covered vials, on level, diagonal, overhead, overhead 2, happy friday whiteboard, eye, traffic light through sunroof
cars: old nice red car on rack at dealership
water drops: beaded water drops on a leaflet, grape juice splatters in sink, grape juice splatters in sink
flowers and plants: white and purple flowers, white and purple flowers, white and purple flowers
I have also updated the guest pages with some new pictures from Stacey. To access the guest photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page.

June 22, 2004 View slideshow
I would like to start off this update by welcoming Stacey Gold to the guest pages! (hooray!) I am very proud of her and her many talents and achievements in life; of which photography is only one! And it is my privilege to host some of her works . Hopefully, we will be seeing more of her great photos, and maybe even some of her daughter's as well?
To access the guest photos, look for the link in the boxes towards the top of this page. One of these days when I get caught up, I plan to get some of Mark's pictures up there as well!
Well, it has been an extremely busy month. My weekly updates are turning into weakly updates. Believe me I would much rather have been doing pictures than being so busy with other things, but at least I have been taking pictures. Now I have a lot to process for you. So thanks for your patience! Here is the first group. These are all from an amusement park I went to with some friends of mine.
miscellaneous: Carrowinds, NC. The borg ride - borg sphere, water, tracks, danger, do not enter sign,borg coaster loop with car and park lookout tower from borg line queue, borg line queue (the left empty line is for single riders, and can cut your wait time in half), You ride the borg ride laying down, STITCH of borg ride from across the duck pond. Other rides - good shot of blue coaster in progress, spongebob ride crowd, coaster leaving the station and long view, shot of red loop, ricochet coaster over sign, spiral metal staircase at ricochet, spiral metal staircase at ricochet, the water dump roller coaster - As you can hopefully see in this picture, riders of this coaster each get one try to drop water on park passersby or folks waiting in line for the ride. The crowd can fight back with water guns located around the edges of the ride.
people: Amusement park - girl in jester hat, girls peeking through rails, cameron, shante and duncan carolina boardwalk
animals: Amusement park - goose and goslings, goose and goslings
scenery: Amusement park - looking over a section of Carrowinds park, STITCH of view from water ride ramp
silhouettes: Amusement park - coaster silhouette, coaster silhouette with car near top
night: Amusement park - the hurler wooden coaster at dusk, coaster at dusk 2, coaster at dusk 3, the borg coaster at night, the green borg ball at night
water drops: Amusement park - spongebob fountain at night, fountain at night, flash reveals water droplets, flash reveals water droplets 2, flash reveals water droplets 3, flash reveals water droplets 4, camera inbetween streams
I was able to take some better pictures this time....
miscellaneous: Amusement park -
extreme skyflyer a.k.a. the Wire Ride (take 2 - May 8, 2004) caution watch out for falling hurl, two riders hanging, falling!, falling 2!, bottom out, (the ride says you can reach speeds of 60+ MPH!) CHECK OUT THAT EXPRESSION!, and of course I had to take another ride for myself (my friend Shante is 9!), steve and shante hanging
There is a complete description of my first time on the wire ride HERE. This time, I distinctly forced myself to pay attention during the drop, and now I can't get it out of my head! While watching others take the plunge, I noticed that they did not scream until they got to the bottom; so I'm not alone. Interesting phenomenon, and should tell you something about the extreme nature of the ride!

May 12, 2004 View slideshow
sunsets: bursting sunset over river, 3 construction crane silhouettes, bursting sunset over river, 1 crane silhouette
sunrises: globe sun and fog in valley ahead silhouette, saturated desert-like foggy golden silhouette sunrise, STITCH of desert-like foggy golden silhouette sunrise
scenery: green is back! a green valley view, green rows of trees, green blossom sunrise, green tree leaves in the sun, underside fill, with sun hint, green tree leaves in the sun, underside
clouds: sun behind trees and fog in valley ahead, sun behind trees and fog in valley ahead 2, a little ground fog, straight up jet trail, desert-like foggy golden silhouette sunrise, desert-like foggy golden silhouette sunrise with straight up jet trail, fog streaks in valley countryside, blurry and sharp clouds, blurry and sharp clouds 2
miscellaneous: wind blown trees
animals: cardinal
sun: a few sun rays poking through the clouds
rainbows: (thanks to josh for pointing it out!) half rainbow over building, half rainbow over trees, half rainbow over trees 2, pan shot
moon: pan of twilight moon in west over trees, twilight moon in west over trees
miscellaneous: red phone booth at hotel (reminds me of the game called serious sam!), free wireless sign outside hotel, funny if it was warchalking

April 26, 2004 View slideshow
animals: morning cat sitting on guard rail, dog in a tree, dogs playing fetch in water
sunrises: morning soupy sunrise and church steeple silhouette
sun: blue cloud showcase makes early sunset, blue cloud showcase makes early sunset (zoom)
flowers: STITCH of springtime park dandelion scape, purple flower trees
scenery: tree balance green park picture

April 22, 2004
Our hearts and prayers and thoughts go out to the communities, families, friends, victims and all those affected by the April 20 tornadoes and storms that occurred in the Starved Rock area (Utica, IL).
Please consider supporting them in any way you can...
Starved Rock Relief
Here are some links to pictures, stories, and other information about the tragedy. (As some of these are news sites, the tornado information may fade after a while)
The News Tribune
Starved Rock Relief site Pictures
The Stormy Weather Project
On the left side of the stormy weather project, you can view and sign the guest book. Click sign here, and then to see the guest book, you might have to click on "Please sign my Guest Book" to see the guest book.
Here are some of my pictures of Starved Rock from my recent trip to this area...

April 21, 2004 View slideshow
I have added a new section to the menus at the top of this page called 'guest photos'.
animals: girl feeding horse, zeb's baby goats galore 1, zeb's baby goats galore 2, zeb's baby goats galore 3, daisy in river and guy at park
people: sunbathers and dandelions on hill crest at bisset park, volunteer work

April 13, 2004 View slideshow
Been away for a while helping to finish our new church building.
people: church work days - back of girl resting on hay, steve's hand - dirty from 5 hours of power sanding at the church, guy spreading seed, easter dancers and flowers 1, easter dancers and flowers 2, easter dancers and flowers 3, easter dancers and flowers 4, steve's self silhouette portrait, church swings - shante waving bye and dillan hiding, I know this guy! He would make a GREAT city coucil person! Give him your vote!
clouds: ultra smooth high contrast cloud ribs, ultra smooth high contrast cloud ribs distance, STITCH of ultra smooth high contrast cloud ribs 1, STITCH of ultra smooth high contrast cloud ribs 2
ice: still cold sometimes - sunrise car frost ice crystals 1, sunrise car frost ice crystals 2, sunrise car frost stitch ice crystals, car body powder frost and regular ice crystals and door handle, frosted drooping blossoms, single frosted drooping blossom against sky, frosted drooping blossoms
reflections: 3x4 glass windows reflected cloud sunrise, eight reflective drawer knobs
sunsets: melting cloud slashed sunset with tree silhouette
miscellaneous: I call this one 35 ways to put your butt in the grave, a mold "jellyfish" found in a water boiling pot, cows rubbing and licking beat up pickup truck in field, right corner couch, STITCH of church final work day left corner couch forward pan of sanctuary, mark's lights a shiny light
sunrises: orange sunrise through white blossoms scene

March 22, 2004 View slideshow
reflections: wavy sunlight relfection from aisb onto cns building
symmetry: glass squares causing wavy reflection
people: springtime; love buds
ducks: ducks flapping wings, duck train, duck party
clouds: curvy jet patterns and wires, poles, trees, sun intruding
sun: sun bursting from behind many clouds and sunbeams
people: grandpa, grandma, grandkids watching a skit

March 15, 2004 View slideshow
sunrises: sun spilling down through clouds and smooth tops with street lights, at a stop light, bright and bursting up and down, STITCH of dark cloud contrast, STITCH of bright clouds
clouds: interesting cloud arrangement on the distant horizon
animals: blue bird with orange and yellow breast at the park
flowers: Ok, I put down rocks all last summer to prevent the weeds from growing? Well, now a flower grows through the paint!, flower grows through the paint (zoom). At least it's a flower, and not weeds.

March 9, 2004
VT SANS conference

March 8, 2004 View slideshow
people: girl laying on blanket holding small dog animals: swan, mallard on log in bright sun
sunsets: beautiful sunset clouds over walmart
sunrises: multiple morning golden clouds 1, multiple morning golden clouds 2, multiple morning golden clouds 3, STITCH of multiple morning golden cloud details, paintbrush dabbed sunrise skies
clouds: really high cirrus and storm moving in low, bird riding the air currents and nice cloud background, highway sun behind clouds, neat pattern
miscellaneous: I was telling stacey about our local denny's restaurant that opened recently, and how it looked different than any other I had ever seen. I finally got back over that way to get some pictures of it, and fortunately, the sun was out. local dennys side view, sun rays reflected on pavement, local dennys angled side view, local dennys back and side view, STITCH of new fangled dennys restaurant

March 1, 2004 View slideshow
miscellaneous: Um... twice now I have gotten this fortune. Do you think it's a sign?
sun: crack in cloud shelf layers brings rays of hope, crack in cloud shelf layers brings rays of hope 2, crack in cloud shelf layers brings rays of hope 3, sun shining through very pronounced cloud formation, cloudy jet trail x through sun, STITCH of cloudy jet trail x through sun
sunrises: nice sunrise and clouds and silhouettes, car and street light pole wires silhouettes, two street light silhouettes, single street light silhouette
trains: across the tracks, down the tracks of a small railroad yard, down the tracks of a small railroad yard, down the tracks of a small railroad yard
animals: first walk in the park this year (it was a pretty warm day) - three ducks at rest on log, two ducks at rest on log, Remember the seagulls from Feb 16? If not, click to go there. Looks like they hang out in the park too... seagulls flying away over water, seagulls hanging out at the park, seagulls flying and landing on water, seagulls hang out by park, four ducks a paddling, brown and white breasted duck on a log, brown and white and white and black ducks on a log
people: at the park... sisters enjoying a nice day in the park, man walking three dogs, sisters later in the park, woman and child at park, girl in tree at park. Other people were out enjoying the nice weather, too... kids walking on side of road, grandpa and grandson
machines: solitare crane at park head on, criss-crossing cranes at park, three cranes at park
miscellaneous: ever find home made pop cicles in ice cube trays at work? it was a funny surprise. old brick wall ad on downtown building, old brick wall ad #2, empty brick parking area, house on a hill with traffic light, STITCH of chocolate keyboard
technology: very small computer mouse - mini optical microsoft mouse, cord extended, cord extended, side view, cord retracted

February 22, 2004 View slideshow
Last week I showed you pictures of a lot of snow as it was starting to fall. First thing this week is the snowy pictures the next morning.
snow: deposits of snow on dogwood branch, snow and ice on porch and underside view of snow on steps, snowy porch and countryside, snowy house and scenery with morning broken clouds and sunburst, straight up a snowy telephone pole, horse hair on barbed wire and snow covering, horse through snowy trees, snow blobs on barbed wire fence and snowy scenery and snow falling from tree, snow blobs on barbed wire fence and snowy scenery, snowy apple tree from sunny side, snow pine from sunny side, sunny side of snowy trees and fence, red tractor covered with snow, very cute snow covered daisy dog and backyard, snowy fine detailed trees backlit by sun, snowy bright trees against blue sky, snowy scenery across the road, snowy driveway and scenery, snowy trees and hillside, tree, STITCH of snow tracks from overhead wires, STITCH of snowy countryside, house, sun through broken clouds, STITCH of snowy front yard and trees
clouds: sun at edge of mixed cloud system, long curved cloud systems, opposing, high and light cirrus o plenty, high and light cirrus o plenty
silhouettes: mall two trees and a sunrise silhouette
reflections: mall tree, shadow, reflected morning scenery
miscellaneous: huge oak crossection, huge oak stump and fallen tree end
lights: purple lights purposefully out of focus
animals: husky in car waiting for master

February 16, 2004 View slideshow
These girls will have no problems selling lots of cookies. Their energy is a credit to the scouts.
cheerful girl scouts selling cookies, animated girl scouts (If you're on a slow connection like dial-up, please wait a minute or two to download, and then the picture should begin to animate).
animals: mk sleeping all paws
sunrises: orange sunrise, orange sunrise zoom in, parking lot dark sunrise clouds and reflection, parking lot dark sunrise clouds, double reflection
sunsets: double edged sunset clouds with trees, double edged sunset clouds no obstructions but wires, STITCH of big sunset, great sunset, great sunset, great sunset, great sunset, great sunset
clouds: big cloud system, big cloud system, true blue jet trails at dusk
construction: nice perspective, painted cup, ladders, ceiling, wall sanders, wood joists, nice orange, ceiling ladder, busy ceiling
technology: chris's old computers - bomem machine (pdp-11/73(lsi11)) and 8 inch floppy drive, commodore 64 executive, frogger on the commodore 64 executive
miscellaneous: inside an external drive assembly, perfectly half moon over wind blowing flag, green christmas light zoom while lit
animals: seagulls in flight sky and on ground taco bell, gaggle of seagulls, seagull on snow looks like at the beach, seagull soaring, seagull soaring, gaggle of birds taking flight, gaggle of seagulls taking flight, gaggle of seagulls taking flight, lots of seagulls flying in sky, lots of seagulls flying in sky with wow clouds, I couldn't decide which ones to leave out, so here are most of them. They all have their own unique quality. STITCH of seagulls in the lot, STITCH of ground level seagulls and advanced auto, STITCH of seagulls in the lot, STITCH of car and seagulls in lot, STITCH of seagulls in lot, cropped, STITCH of parking lot seagulls
snow: sudden snow storm, sudden snow storm across countryside, sudden snow storm across countryside pine, sudden snow storm porch and trees

February 11, 2004 View slideshow
miscellaneous: lava lamp and sparkly fiber optics, test tubes 1, test tubes 2, crooked telephone pole
scenery: highway barn with horses, lone pear shaped pine with moss, rock, and surrounded by snow, house background, pretty road going down hill with scenery, partially snowy hillside scene with truck tracks and 2 cattle, a road, fence posts, trees, shiny snow, mountainy interstate with good traffic and hill view, highway hills and long distance view, interstate distant mountains, STITCH of shiny snow scenic view panorama
animals: a dog with a view
ice: ice sheet over window, window rolled all the way down, ice sheet over window, window rolled all the way down 2, walkway ice - back porch is an ice skating rink, ice on rails and side boards!, heavy icicles on the stairs too, tree/plant ice - tree with ice and flash with big ice balls, ice balls on ends of tree branches, blue looking ice on tree branch against blue sky, multi level icy tree branches no flash background focus, heavy ice on the pine bush needles, front door background, field of pine bush needles with heave ice, icy birch against green pine, ice line where gutters drip on bush, patio ice - snow melting in weird layers 1, snow melting in weird layers 2, snow melting in weird layers 3, snow melting in weird layers 4, very shiny ice surface snow melting in weird layers, ice melting in weird layers
snow: ever seen shiny snow? (after 2 icings) driving example of reflective icy snow, highway sun on reflective snow, reflective snow and sun on it, hill of smooth, shiny snow, reflective snow and sun on it, reflective snow and sun on it, sun, long reflective snow up driveway, truck at top with sun glint, nice houses, reflective snow, tree line. in these shots, you can see the two different layers of ice - snow crossection, 2 layers ice, on rock, snow and two ice layers with house background, snow and two ice layers from above, snow patterns on hill and heavy rain stream, STITCH of shiny, snowy, hilly backyard view

February 10, 2004
Well, I was almost done with the pictures tonight, but I noticed that my new graphic was messed up. (I didn't notice it before because my monitor brightness is turned way down). There was bad cropping on top and left side, making the circle flat on those sides. Left side was easy to fix, I just cut it too short. Unfortunately, the top side was that way throughout my original work, so I had to redo the entire graphic from the start and manually fix the problem. DOH!
So here's the new and improved logo for your viewing pleasure.

February 8, 2004
I had a wave of creativity, and had to go with it (that doesn't happen too often). As you can see (at the top of this page, I have finalized a name, logo and picture for the site. I'm liking it a lot! What do you think?

February 5, 2004 View slideshow
We have had inclement weather several times in the past week or two, so lots of nice pics of it for you.
Today's word is GRAUPEL (pronounced like gropple). It's not quiet snow and it's not quite ice. It's both. like a bunch of snowflakes rolled into a pellet. kind of like pointy styrofoam, but a heavier than a styrofoam ball (you know those little ones?). I took some pictures of it for you. Then that evening, the weatherman talked about the snow and informed us it was called graupel.
graupel: snowflake and graupel, snowflake and graupel 2, graupel blocky snowflakes on glove, graupel example, graupel example 2
ice: "pretty" inclimate weather - STITCH of icy trees panorama, STITCH of bigger icy tree panorama, icy trees, very icy trees, icy trees, and white view, zoom fill icy trees, icy mountains, icy trees landscape
miscellaneous: two orange sunrise jet trails and parallel wires, it just struck me funny to see this - orange spray paint on snow, orange spray paint on snow 2, dusty radiometer from side, handicapped parking still not plowed, days after a snow what's the point of having handicapped parking if you aren't going to make sure it's accessible by people with disabilites? construction crane digger against overlook
sunsets: construction equipment sunset with hood reflect, sunset driving fragments, sunset driving fragments, sunset - two bridge sections silhouette, bridge sunset portion silhouette
clouds: detailed sun and cloud activity over parking lot, cloud blob in front of sun, cloud blob in front of sun looks like coming from house or ground, smooth cloud blob past and saturated sun burst, saturated sun and looming cloud dusty orange silhouette and bigger traffic lights, saturated sun and looming cloud dusty orange single tree only silhouette, saturated sun and looming cloud silhouette, cloud blob with smooth roundie top
candles: candles and precious moments striped sunlight and mirror, candles and precious moments striped sunlight and mirror, candles striped sunlight and mirror, sunlit translucent purple candle, wick area purple gel
animals: daisy and her cutest head tilt yet, daisy riding in window
snow: snow melting like continents in grassy sea, STITCH of snowy tracks, pond and hillsides, snow tracks and bales of hay, trees, snowy hills, fence, power poles, long lined trees, shadow yard, sun, bales of hay by treeline on snowy hill, lonely shack on the edge of snowy, hilly property, hilly scenery through long shadowy trees
traffic: traffic jam at light, bus behind me, left mirror, rearview, passenger mirror, busy traffic in front of me
reflections: sun and window reflection reflecting off snow
silhouettes: traffic intersection, wires, sunset silhouettes, water tower silhouette, trees on a hill silhouettes, wires, lights, signs sunrise silhouettes
sunrises: this morning's sunrise tree silhouette and lots of multicolored clouds no sun, sunrise over road and in eyes on way to work, wires, lights, signs sunrise silhouettes
Steve's information about and pictures of green laser

January 26, 2004 View slideshow
animals: smokey sleeping pose face ZOOM, smokey sleeping pose face, smokey sleeping pose face ALL, smokey being teased off camera
sunsets: twilight horizon, clouds, river sky reflection
clouds: STITCH of smooth cloud long group (When I first saw this formation, it was much more pronounced, but I did not have my camera [I know, GASP!]. darn.)
miscellaneous: Saddles at a western store

January 19, 2004 View slideshow
miscellaneous: 40th birthday mangetic tape ribbon decorations finished view from up row, view from under. attempt to capture ice cube air bubbles
supercomputer: mac g5 boxes 1, mac g5 boxes 2
animals: twilight silhouette bird flock on a wire, twilight silhouette bird flock on a wire some flying
sunrises: STITCH of morning swish pink sunrise, STITCH of morning swish pink sunrise 2 frames, wavy jet trail, circlic clouds, wire silhouettes, later busy wavy jet trail sunrise more silhouette with flock birds, STITCH of wavy jet trail sunrise and floor cloud
clouds: wavy jet trail, smooth wide-lined clouds and house and farm equip and lens flare, smoothie cloud front, smooth wide lined clouds, cloudy tree sun silhouette, cloudy sun clouds, smoothest single round clouds, another smoothest cloud, another smoothest cloud, very neat smooth long sunset cloud with sharp detailed edges, STITCH of smoothest single round clouds

January 12, 2004 View slideshow
This past week, I took my 10,000th picture with this camera, since I got it last march. what a freak!
sunsets: over-burst sunset full view, over-burst sunset full view less trees, over-burst sunset clouds past prime
clouds: clouds and bridge-top silhouette, clouds and double bridge-top silhouette, moon: full moon and blue and pink large clouds, night moon through frosty glass and blinds, night moon through frosty glass, night moon through frosty glass, night moon through frosty glass
clouds: (strong patterns) cirrus clouds, less blgs, antennas, (strong patterns) flag and cirrus clouds, (strong patterns) cirrus clouds, rainbow spot, and building, (strong patterns) cirrus strong directional clouds and only flag, (strong patterns) cirrus strong directional clouds and only flag, (strong patterns) lined double clouds, (strong patterns) big cloud swirls sunset with lens flare. In this picture (STITCH of cirrus strong directional), notice how on the left and middle is a cloud system with clouds going in one direction (basically up and down), and on the right there is a patch of clouds kind of going off in all directions, but there is a big streak going left, crossing over perpendicular to the other cloud direction even into the middle of the picture. I think that is pretty unique. It was very windy and VERY cold that day. I think I almost got frostbite on my unprotected face, because I kept finding good shots to take of the strong cloud system on that day.
snow: the good side of wintery weather - STITCH of snowy cowy hillside and frozen pond, plows for the snow, snowy short pines, trees atop hill on a snowy day, looking down on snowy trees, snowy old steps down to yard more of house, snowy pine branch and pinecones, driveway with snowy trees, b&w guy getting his mail in snowy weather, I also included the color photo, because it had some neat, colorful properties to it - guy getting his mail in snowy weather, picturesque mail boxes, snowy tree scape, yellow plants highlight a snowy scene, the bad side of wintery weather - two lanes of accident traffic, vehicle on its side and traffic backed up, car on its side
miscellaneous: that car that changes color - it has a special paint job that reflects a different color at certain angles. you can see the 2 different colors on the front of this car. as you move around the car, it changes right before your eyes. magnetic tape decorative streamers
animals: inside a cat's mouth during a yawn

January 4, 2004 View slideshow
clouds: I could not decide if these first two were very unique, or an optical illusion (two different systems at different levels that looked like the same system), but I have never seen soft and sharp clouds so intermixed like this... smooth and sharp clouds intermixed and wires (pan), while I was driving, I talked my wife through a zoom shot of the same clouds, sunset and rib clouds (zoom), sunset and rib clouds less wires, other rib-like whisps, STITCH of warm january day sunset clouds
animals: I love this STITCH of winter ducks on a log at the park (check out the third duck from the right with the orange-yellow bill like he's looking to see what's going on. Also check out the 6th duck from the right standing on one foot, lol.), seagull flying from water, seagull flying inbetween trees, crow or blackbird in tree
scenery: other parks sights building on a hill overlooking park with flags but tree, old and new double bridge pillars at park
trains: train waiting at park, train waiting at park (zoom) people: father teaching son skipping rocks at park river

December 30, 2003 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! View slideshow
sunsets: yellow underside cloud missed sunset, pink smooth sunset clouds over traffic, STITCH of sunset with long stringy curly clouds (pan), STITCH of soft blue-ish Roanoke sunset, STITCH of golden Roanoke sunset
clouds: nice underside cloud, flying bird shaped sunset clouds pattern, daylight moon and dragon-faced cloud, daytime moon and long feathery cloud, moon, long feathery cloud, smooth silkies, STITCH of long stringy curly clouds (zoom), STITCH of long stringy curly clouds (pan many), STITCH of smooth, long clouds
sunrises: pink burst sunrise, STITCH of pink bursting sunrise (zoom), STITCH of pink bursting sunrise (pan), yellow bursting sky fire with drive scenery, yellow bursting sky fire with drive scenery
sun: big sunbeams contrasting clouds
blackwhite: One of my first B&W photos - b&w mk on hamper. I am starting to dabble in B&W. I have always liked it, just never thought about trying it. Thanks to Stacey and Linda for getting me interested in it. Hopefully I will be showing you more soon.
animals: spaz under tree, oreo playing with catnip bag, looks like oreo is talking to catnip bag, oreo won't let go, oreo hovering over catnip bag with expression, oreo wants attention (and circle tail), plants, porch, oreo looking in, oreo outside looking at through the jungle, oreo and fish looking at each other, oreo with chin on fishtank, oreo and fish looking at each other very near, oreo looking into tank, head-on oreo perched (does it look like she's smiling to you? also her tufts of fur are cute, too), pigeon reflection at circuit city, pigeon faces at circuit city, smokey content under tree, zoom profile smokey's head under tree and light, couple of vultures(?) in a tree
reflections: building sunrise reflection, smokey under tree lights reflect off floor
silhouettes: orange underside cloud zoom with farm equip silhouette, pink bursting sunrise zoom, depth, silhouette, icy blue sunrise weed silhouette, pesky wires silhouette and pink smooth sunset clouds, curtain shadows on our wall
miscellaneous: snowy smiley face, stained glass lamp shade, Christmas has arrived - christmas packages in other car, mall decorations, mall decorations, mall decorations from ground and bear choir, silver snowflakes background
interstate: mountainside driving, valley overlook
people: sound man also playing guitar with reindeer antlers
I have now received permission to share these following pictures with you
halon: haze from a halon dump in computer room, ceiling tiles disturbed by halon dump, halon storage tanks
supercomputer: VT's supercomputer (currently ranked 3rd fastest and probably least expensive in the world) (10.28 TeraFlops max, 17.6 TeraFlops peak for only about $5 million) - making space for supercomputer, empty mac racks, a giant transformer, dust protection other machines, lots of ethernet cables, specialized racktop air conditioners, truckload of g5s, stacks of g5s, g5 modification and testing assembly line, macs in a rack, wall of macs, VT hokiebird mascot leaning on supercomputer.
Here is the official homepage of the VT Terascale project (complete with information and tons of other photos). Other related sites (that might be out of date by now) - apple's movie, apple's info, the world's top 500 supercomputers list

December 15, 2003 View slideshow
sunrises: Here's some different and unique elements of a nice sunrise. the double whisp - pink ceiling clouds double whisp, pink now golden ceiling clouds double whisp, STITCH of pink ceiling sunrise double whisp, STITCH of pink now gold sunrise hidden double whisp, color touched clouds - other gold touched clouds at antenna point, I like this next one a lot because I think the foreground scenery adds a frame of reference to the subject - other pink touched clouds
rainbows: rainbow spot in clouds

December 11, 2003 View slideshow
sunrises: pink lined sunrise clouds and birds, sunrise clouds over merchants, STITCH of multicolor sunrise twilight stitch
animals: miss kitty sleeping pose 1, miss kitty sleeping pose 2, miss kitty sleeping pose 3, mk sleeping paws and face
lights: Purple Christmas lights - purple lights galore on white string w tree background, lighted purple lights galore (few), lighted purple lights galore (more), purposefully out of focus, lighted purple lights galore (from above), lid of purple light white posts, backlit purple lights on lid, backlit purple lights on lid, multi-colored Christmas lights - lid of multicolored lights, purposefully out of focus, multic lights in plastic container, backlit multic lights over zoom, multic lights in glass jar centered, multic lights in jar tilted, backlit multic lights on lid more zoom, jar bottom with bottom light and colors, multi-colored lights spilling from jar head on, multi-colored lights spilling from jar overhead, jar of light spilling multi-colored lights, multi-colored lights spilling from jar, decorating, string of lights on cube wall
reflections: Christmas lights - lights reflect in computer monitor, lights reflect in computer monitor (pan), silver ornaments reflections of bowtie lights and tree (kinda neat how each one reflects those around it), silver ornaments reflections diff angle
cars: Let the holidays roll! STITCH of car filled walmart parking lot
miscellaneous: backlit blue bottle bottom patterns, zoom

December 1, 2003 View slideshow
people: To go along with my other Thanksgiving themed pictures, I couldn't help but bringing you a nice black friday picture. STITCH of black friday at office max. Check out the guy on the far right toting his items and his kid, while travelling quickly to his next item.
mascots: mascot photo shoot, mascot is awarded a tshirt, cute girl smile, cute girl laugh, cute girl shy, cute girl attitude face, makeshift macintosh digital camera
clouds: four morning jet trails, STITCH of unstable atmosphere
miscellaneous: cute lemonade chicks diet and regular
cars: tinted windows - (Have you ever seen windows of these colors?) car's yellow tinted windows, vehicle tinted windows purple (Well, they were very purple in real life. The camera white balance did not capture the purple so well.

November 27, 2003
miscellaneous: This is a moving picture of an actual flashing road sign I saw on the way to work. It delivered an unexpected, yet humorous dose of holiday greetings to passers-by yesterday morning. Give it a little extra time to load if you are on dial-up. You should see three messages. The first one is the best. I kept the other two for realism effect. . Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

November 25, 2003 View slideshow
miscellaneous: lava lamp with mirror reflection
moon: twilight sunrise and moon smiley sliver and star, STITCH of twilight sunrise and smiley sliver moon, moon smiley
sunrises: sunrise smokestack, sunrise smokestack intersection, sunrise smokestack intersection, sunrise smokestack intersection mostly sun and smoke
cars: New River Valley Classic Cruisers (NRVCC). I don't know much about classic cars, so you will have to bear with the poor descriptions. vehicles and vehicle parts - middle of old firetruck, old red firetruck gauges, camaro inside blue lights, harley police motorcycles, old rusty dodge for sale, heck of a timing belt, buick cover and backseat trophy, spare tire and do not touch sign, blue car engine, ford racing engine parts, dash and steering of blue car, stick and gauges, red and white interior and gauges, corvette and gas tank emblem, lots of cars and people, blue chevy truck, blue ford 8 54 emblems, buick 8 emblem, zoom flash reflect, new and old firetrucks, prowler and sunset, wow cruiser paint job, cars, old crank car, cruiser wild paint job.
miscellaneous: miscellaneous car show sights - stuffed dog, 2 flags, red light
animals: police hound dog, police hound looking at other dog
sunsets: sunset, dalmation and light sunset, calm 2 flag sunset, dalmation, light, flag sunset, cars and sunset
people: from the car show - guys sitting inbetween cars, kid in stroller and car, police on bike, sparky done playing, sparky and lady and kid, three ladies, sparky between two firetrucks, sparky on back of firetruck, sparky, kids, trucks, cars and people, NRVCC pres presents donation to lion's club, monkey hugging kid

November 17, 2003 View slideshow
sun: sun behind clouds, cloud's sunny edge, cloud's sunny edge (pan), fireball sun and sunny cloud edge, cars on hill apex, golden tree silhouettes
sunrise: golden sunrise detail clouds close to sun
clouds: high cirrus nothing else, high cirrus and trees, smooth and high cirrus clouds, STITCH of high cirrus sunset (zoom), simple clouds dusk picture, STITCH of high cirrus sunset (pan), STITCH of vertical high cirrus, smooth pretty clouds and birds on wire silhouettes, long, swirly cirrus clouds
miscellaneous: traffic light sunrise reflection and lamp post, green exit sign, press any key to accept dell software license, gateway 2000 monitor, lol (wow, it doesn't take much to enter into a legal agreement does it?)
symmetry: stacked wine glasses white flash color, pan, stacked wine glasses white flash color, zoom
reflections: better blowing flag reflection
animals: smokey in grocery bag
night: parking lot at night, room from outside and VT stadium supports at night, parking lot at night from top of new VT stadium section, STITCH of VT stadium at night (some field lights were on behind it, and cast some neat shadows), STITCH of VT stadium at night, (less light), STITCH of empty VT stadium consession row

November 14, 2003
technology: Dave wanted me to post this picture of an old hard drive I own. Yeah... that's a quarter on it.

November 10, 2003 View slideshow
well, wow. I have been SOOOOO busy. But you don't want to hear about that. I have been working so hard at getting these pictures done that I even forgot to set the alarm for my potpies! If you know anything about me and food, this is amazing! I also skipped going to see matrix 3 at the matinee with my best friend. Sigh. But I did finish writing a program that should speed up the picture process quite a bit. I need every extra minute I can get these days. wah wah wah! get to the pictures. I know... :-)
people: baby, sleeping baby hand, sleeping baby foot, (dad and) baby looking at me, baby shoe, biker suiting up, josh and oreo
miscellaneous: white orbitz drink (you actually drink these), drink 2, STITCH of nhfc backstage, ladder glove hands, five buildings on this truck!, computer motherboard, frosty shadows 1, frosty shadows 2, frosty shadows 3, horse hair on wire, horse hair on wire, horse backg, pot pies forgotten working on pictures
rainbows: big rainbow over morning rush traffic
treecutting: I love trees, but sometimes they do have to come down. We had a lot of fun mangling several trees with our chainsaws for 4 hours straight in the rain. matt just cut branch, matt up a tree, big action matt cutting tree
fall foliage: orange trees and lights with car reflect 1, orange trees and light with car reflect 2, orange trees and lights, single lamp road, orange trees and lights at night, STITCH of orange trees and lights at night, autumn morning fire tree, autumn morning fire, green tree and building, yellow tree, green and yellow slender twin trees, green yellow orange, sharp orange oak, sharp orange oak and leves at base, sharp orange oak, fill, red tree fire lane, orangered tree, green combed bush, leaves, bowl cut tree because power lines
night: rain and fog at night can add some pretty effects - airport beacon and globe at night, red sky runway lights and fence silhouette at night, the globe at night and street light, regular runway lights at night, VT stadium and campus at night from chicken hill, STITCH of lot and buildings, STITCH of stadium and partial campus at night, parking lot at night, texas roadhouse rainy reflection, texas roadhouse, car, light flares on rainy night, lunar eclipse
botched: botched shots that turned out pretty interesting - bow tie runway lights, freaky looking tree blur and clouds, yellow leafed driveway and trees, motion blur
symmetry: can be beautiful, too long symmetrical autumn building reflection, total drive through brick symmetry
reflections: long symmetrical autumn bldg reflection, 5x3 windows dish reflection
clouds: (includes fog) boy scout hand signal cloud (looks to me like a hand holding up two fingers), distant trees over blanket fog, nice patchy blanket fog and trees descending hill, blanket fog all around and sun, thin cloud sunset, bridge top, high clouds, full view of high clouds and keep right sign, two overlapping cloud systems, clouds and motion bridge, driving sun kissed clouds and reflect, another big sun back lit whispy edged cloud
sunsets: thin cloud golden sunset, multiple dark cloud sunset
sunrises: golden backlit multi sunrise clouds, sunrise burst over multilayered clouds, STITCH of antenna sunrise and cloud system

October 27, 2003 View slideshow
sunrises: morning sunrise golden stringy cloud puffs, highway sunrise, foggy, highway sunrise, trees, fog, sunrise interstate hill flog_cloud, bird, sun flare
sun: kd foggy sunbeams in trees 1, kd foggy sunbeams in trees 2, kd foggy sunbeams in trees 3
scenery: STITCH of morning scenic view (zoom)
miscellaneous: King's Dominion, VA. Amusement park water fountains - kd fountains, kd tower and fountain symmetrical, kd fountain, sun, rainbow flair, STITCH of kd water fountain
For some reason I had a lot of fun taking pictures of people at the amusement park. maybe a new calling for me?
Remember, it's almost haloween, so lots (not all) of people / ride hosts were dressed up
people: Amusement park people -
kd two lovers, kd girl with humungous key chain collection, kd guy with spikey hat, kd cat eyes lady at hh entrance, kd girl with jester hat, kd kid with fake head wound, kd mark red and blue on tongue, kd mark holding his prize in front of game
miscellaneous: Amusement park miscellaneous - kd colorful name plaques, kd looking through eye of 3d glasses, kd 3 pairs of our feet, kd glowing cart, Amusement park rides - kd 56 passenger drop ride, kd dropper going down fast, kd dropper tower in dark, kd volcano at night, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out THE WIRE RIDE!!!
aircraft: bomber front all 4 engines, bomber 2 back left names and bubble, bomber 1 engines and cockpit, STITCH of bomber 2 left side (med zoom), STITCH of bomber 1 left side back to wingtip, STITCH of bomber 1 right side, STITCH of bomber 2 front and 4 engines, there is a picture called "the dragon and his tail" let me know if you think you want to see it.
clouds: clouds and diagonal jet trail, clouds and diagonal jet trail
construction: nhfc with sunburst, nhfc rich M, nhfc richie M and joists, nhfc rich P and cabling pipes, nhfc richie M working hard, nhfc worker and crane with sunset cloud
sunsets: nhfc sunset glow under trees and cloud
symmetry: nhfc symmetrical triangles and floor workers
animals: another walk in the park - crane bird, crane flying away, crane, side squirrel seed dropping, squirrel with tail over head, squirrel on ground looking down, squirrel on ground eating facing me (jedi stance LOL!), squirrel on ground eating facing me (looks like hide and seek), squirrel on ground eating facing me, squirrel on tree looking at, squirrel on tree up, squirrel on perch 1, squirrel on perch 2, squirrel on perch 3, squirrel tail over head, squirrel above on tree looking at, strange, fast bird(s) in feed box 1, strange, fast bird(s) in feed box 2

October 18, 2003 View slideshow
aircraft: My friend paid for a ride in an old ww2 plane, and asked if I would come take pictures for him. ww2 plane ww2 plane cockpit and pedals, (ww2 plane ) josh preparing with a smile, ww2 plane right wing reflect, josh, front of ww2 plane, ww2 plane, pilot, josh, blue airport light, see josh. see josh fly., ww2 plane nice landing pose, ww2 plane taxi shot, ww2 plane from behind with next passenger, ww2 plane good take off not josh though, STITCH of airport parked planes scenery
miscellaneous: other airport pics - nice sun behind clouds and airplane tiedown, 12_30 runway sign and flock of birds, C runway sign and flock of birds, camera on taxi way, tiedown line of planes, STITCH of aiport runway and scenery
moon: moon, big ring, stars center 15sec (look close to see the ring. For some reason it's easier to see full size)
sun; STITCH of sun behind cloud, nice sun behind clouds, clouds and sun starburst
clouds: pink sunrise edges on clouds
animals: hawk or eagle flying, daisy dog
fall foliage: old people trail and colors, scenery and ntp sign, looking up at big orange oak 1, looking up at big orange oak 2, trees and stream, tree and colors, trail, train coming
scenery: picnic tables and scenic view, arrow marks on three leafed clover, STITCH of clouds and trees, STITCH of picnic view, STITCH of rolling greens, Remember frosty friday? This is the same barn from another angle
reflections: sun reflection off stream through bridge rails, sun reflect off stream
flowers: little flowers
miscellaneous: STITCH of blue and green beads, dark purple berries, helicopter seeds that never left the tree, mossy diag big rock detailed pattern fill, mossy diag big rock detailed pattern fill 2, weird fluffy pods, red berries closeup

October 6, 2003 View slideshow
miscellaneous: tailgating pickup with no lights on foggy morning, big mushroom
sun: sun starburst and clouds I thought the reflection of the sun off other things was cool, big golden sunstar, tree, flare
sunsets: chilly sunset (This is all the same sunset at various stages) chilly sunset under trees (silhouette), chilly sunset by itself, STITCH of chilly sunset (pan), STITCH of chilly sunset (zoom), chilly sunset firey looking, chilly sunset great clouds, scenery: Frosty Friday (it's too early yet to be 22F!) tractor and frosty hay bales, frosty barn, STITCH of barn 1, STITCH of barn 2
animals: happy cat scratch
sunrises: sun rising through tree, STITCH of same sunrise lighting buildings
reflections: flag reflection
moon: jet and trail flying over day moon
clouds: cold front sunlit edge, STITCH of cold front the whole thing, STITCH of chilly sunset soft, neighboring clouds. Fascinating cloud patterns - these clouds all seemed to be travelling to a single point on the horizon. very interesting! About 4:30 - fascinating cloud patterns do you see the dove-looking cloud?, fascinating cloud patterns different shot (with flare), STITCH of fascinating cloud patterns, about 6:30 - fascinating cloud patterns single frame, STITCH of fascinating cloud patterns (more normal), STITCH of fascinating cloud patterns (far out, but more accurate), about 7:00 (sunset) - fascinating cloud patterns the A clouds sunset (zoom), STITCH of fascinating cloud patterns A cloud, clouds over airport (opposite sunset). Stitches were the only way to do full justice to the fascinating cloud patterns above, but I had a lot of trouble getting a decent stitch of these cloud formations as you can see [mostly due to lens distortion effect], but they were interesting enough to still post stitches that aren't quite normal. I studied them, though, and think I have a better way to take these so that they will not get as distorted next time. Live and learn.

September 29, 2003 View slideshow
cars: tripped out paint job and cumulus, tripped out paint job
flowers: purple flower
miscellaneous: mushroom on tree zoom
aniamls: beagle puppy running, daisy and beagle puppy kissing, daisy and beagle puppy sniffing, owner and cute beagle puppy
sunrises: sunrise and trees, sunrise, trees, parking lot, sun and fog, sunrise, fog, tree, lamp, sunrise and trees
sunsets: STITCH of orange cloudy after rain sunset
OLDER PICS - Now for the beginning of a special treat (hopefully). I am slowly going through my old pictures, and pulling out the best ones to share with you here. Hope you like them. Most were taken with my Pentax ME Super. So when you see OLD PICS in the future, you will know what it refers to.
rainbows: big, double rainbow at bbc, big double rainbow at bbc with bright sun, big rainbow, dark clouds
flowers: pretty purple flower (very closeup), yellow rose also pink and red, bee with pretty purple flowers
sunrises: beach sunrise silhouette of my wife, sunrise through pier scenery: pier stretching out to morning ocean miscellaneous: SPLASH!
Roanoke: sun through trees at roanoke star, nice scenic overlook from roanoke star
marine life: zoom of coral creature, coral creature, another wavy tentacle creature reddish, coral creature fine treelike extensions, bubbly creature with two exotic fish, shark swimming nice top reflection, jellyfish cool contrast
miscellaneous: friend photographing fish at aquarium (this shows how I took all of those under the sea photos above. we were in an aquarium!). . friends through hotel peephole, sparkly bow and packages (good color), sparkly bow (closeup - color off)

September 25, 2003 View slideshow
Miyazaki: Nausicaa coloring completed, Steve and Nausicaa coloring, Steve protective coating Nausicaa
miscellaneous: glove holding brush
animals: horse apples!
scenery: STITCH of reflective river scene, single frame of reflective river scene
clouds: low fog foggy morning ahead
reflections: pink sunrise reflect off car top
moon: morning moon sliver, dark and trees, ZOOM of morning moon sliver and dark
bugs: spider against black, same spider against wood you can see spinners
spider webs: spider web in tree, another web angled to see better, third web, profile of big web being blown

September 16, 2003 View slideshow
sunrises: STITCH of striped field and fog sunrise, STITCH of striped field and fog sunrise, zoom on fog. nice., misty dim sunrise no cars, stop light sunrise, foggy sunrise countryside and sun, sunrise over end of runway
clouds: clouds on the way home, cloudy sunbeams amoco, animal looking cloud, same cloud (pan)
animals: golden retriever in back of pickup
miscellaneous: workman grinding sparks, window prisms

September 8, 2003 View slideshow
scenery: STITCH of morning mountain mist, road down and morning mist in mountains through trees
sunrises: sunrise clouds in ray-like formation, antenna sunrise, sunrise through mist
miscellaneous: doh! (morning traffic- double bus means double wait), main road nearly empty
bugs: bug (katydid?) front left side, bug's antenna profile. big yellow spider − underside, top side, extreme closeup underside
spider webs: a different spider's large web one section of dewdrops, several sections of dewdrops
clouds: big curved-sculpted clouds
flowers: I call this flower the white banana flower 1, white banana flower 2
Miyazaki: Nausicaa trace coloring 3rd session

September 3, 2003 View slideshow
sunrises: calm and gentle sun during sunrise
scenery: downpour in direct sunlite, a second shot of daylight downpour (second shot is larger picture. the more I shrunk it, the less you could see the rain )
clouds: more sun behind clouds, stormy clouds, stormy clouds and a crack of sun and sky
Miyazaki: nausicaa trace I am coloring. Who is Nausicaa?
I also took some decent pictures at local car shows recently. You can see them over at NRV Classic Cruisers. Just click on pictures, and then on August 24, 2003 (page 1 and page 2), and/or June 13, 2003.

August 25, 2003 View slideshow
animals: squirrel on feeder, squirrel in feeder, squirrel ready to run, squirrel box big zoom, ducks, blue spot male duck on log, female swimming, four ducks preening on shore in sun, ducks on log
bugs: two moths right in focus, moth on edge, spider and dinner, bugs mating
flowers: brown moth on yellow flower, white butterfly on yellow flower, back of white butterfly, just yellow flower, yellow flower and large leaf buddies, lots of yellow, red stick buds, single white flower, small yellow flower, little purple flower, orange tube flower, yellow tube flower, double blue flowers, lighter yellow flower, three flower depth shot
scenery: River shots...dead tree and river, two trunks, one tree, river view, nice river alcove shot, river through trees. park scenery... daisy wet dog and tree, very nice park shot, park path and trees, far end willow tree and daisy, park shelter and scenery, park view

August 19, 2003 View slideshow
scenery: STITCH of highway countryside, STITCH of cows and rolling countryside, STITCH of magnificent backyard view (wow, it must be rough to have such a view out your bedroom window as these folks do)
sun: holy sunbeams! sun behind a big cloud

August 18, 2003 View slideshow
animals: cows escaping the heat
flowers; red flowers and white fence, red flower and pollen, two red flowers, pollen, red flower, stringy firework flowers (these are cool), pretty weed flower bulb minus petals
bugs: MOTH!, MOTH!, actual size! (that's a small tree it's on)
scenery: countrside with fence, countryside from dublin pool, old house, big cloud and big countryside, cows and countryside, sunflowers and countryside (pan), sunflowers and countryside (zoom), diagonal countryside and bw fence, horses, road, and gate, crusty beat up mailbox and flowers 2 (trust me, cool!), nice stream, stream water shot, mountain distance shot fire hydrant
miscellaneous: haystacks back to back (that's-a-lotta-cow-food!), covered haystacks, driving country roads having fun taking pictures

August 9, 2003 View slideshow
vacation in Illinois photos
For our 'vacation', we took a trip to IL. Compared to where we live now, IL is flat lands (plains), and so you can get better storms, coverage of storms, and greater distance scenic shots. Examples using stitch - STITCH of IL countryside sunrise -vs- STITCH of IL countryside sunrise
interstate travel sights (on the road to/from IL)
(pretty mountain pass shots) 1, (pretty mountain pass shots) 2, (pretty mountain pass shots) 3, (pretty mountain pass shots) 4 (rock face).
cities: My wife took this excellent picture of Cincinatti, OH as we passed through.
interstate: (Brickyard 400 traffic jam) Interstate tshirt sales-pedestrians, (Brickyard 400 traffic jam) Interstate pickup truck precarious passengers (we don't have a good shot, but there were approximately 15 people in the back of this pickup driving down the Interstate). flowers: (Rest Stops) flowers 1, (Rest Stops) flowers 2, (Rest Stops) flower 3, (Rest Stops) pretty butterfly wings
Starved Rock State Park, IL (a recommended (must) see if you are ever near I39 + I80 in IL)
Starved Rock State Park, IL:
(New visitor center) through trees, (New visitor center) front, They had to cut down the great american elm tree. (great american elm tree) Here's the stump and (great american elm tree) here's a preserved crossection with diagrams, IL river lock and dam system from atop starved rock (systems like these are all up and down the river), Here's the lodge nestled in the trees taken from atop starved rock, many trails have been converted to wooden walkways (especially climbing trails), French Canyon still looks about the same. and it is still possible to get a beautiful picture here and there without the wooden walkways intruding. old style 'sandbox' steps were there before any of the new wooden walkways. These go up to the lodge from the main trails. You can of course drive up to and park at the lodge. STITCH of looking out over the trees from atop starved rock, STITCH of Starved Rock and surrounding river (from Lover's Leap), STITCH of Eagle Rock up-river view
scenery: more IL plains (very interesting if you are not used to seeing past the next hill or mountian), holding camera to look over the top of a corn field, string of powerlines, STITCH of IL countryside sunrise
miscellaneous: IL apparent traditions pink flamingo fund raising, STITCH of TP'ing someone you care about (they don't do Hallmark, they do Charmin ;-) )
IL at night
(Springfield, IL) capitol from parking garage roof, (Springfield, IL) capitol from inside car at street level, (Springfield, IL) adjacent IL Nat'l Bank
moon: Oglesby moon
IL clouds
arrow head cloud formation, STITCH of a Peoria monster cloud front, Peoria monster cloud front later more developed, two prominent cloud systems contrast, right cloud details of mega cloud systems
miscellaneous: the front side of a town's tornado siren (when activated, they spin around and have a very distinct (awesome!), loud wail, much like that of the old time air raid sirens) (they are usually tested every 1st tuesday of the month at 10.30am, but unfortunately, we were not there to witness) (because of the flat terrain, they can be heard for great distances).
sunsets: WOW! IL sunset (Best shot(s) I could get while stuck in town) (IL sunset) good lower detail, (IL sunset) OH WOW lighting effects, (IL sunset) flags against sunset, STITCH of awesome Ottawa sunset with foreground scenery
sunrises: IL sunrises Ottawa golden yard sunrise
non-vacation photos
clouds: (blurred clouds, set 1) cumulus getting blurred up, (blurred clouds, set 1) large blurry and sharp cloud action, STITCH of (blurred clouds, set 1) smooth as silk cloud, (blurred clouds, set 2) check out this horizontal point!, (blurred clouds, set 2) smooth like a loaf of bread!, STITCH of (blurred clouds, set 2) silky and ocean wave cloud, check out all of the different things going on in this STITCH of a long cloud front, STITCH of crazy tail, whisps, and cloud front (moving away), sun, large overhead cloud, sun flare, STITCH of giant cloud front (moving away), zoom on high sirrus
water drops: pine needles and raindrops 1, pine needles and raindrops 2, pine needles and raindrops 3, cool morning air dew drops condensing on the screen in our window
bugs: orange and black moth!, green spider in rain gauge
flowers: red flowers, yellow flower
moon: midnight moon
spider webs: spider web dew drops 1, spider web dew drops 2, networked spider webs, spider and dew drops #3
sunrises: sunbeam sunrise

July 8, 2003 View slideshow
Mr weatherman says we are 12 inches over our yearly average so far. I took these pics this past 4th of July 3-day weekend.
clouds: (sun burst, sun beams, multi layers of cumulus clouds) cool clouds!, (sun burst, sun beams, multi layers of cumulus clouds) a different angle, STITCH of billowing cumulus. This one dumped a nice shower on me while doing yard work. I just kept on working. it was great.
miscellaneous: stream through back yard (this is the first year we got this much rain, and you can see the stream has formed all through our neighbor's yards. The ground in our far back yard is very soggy when it rains, now.
bugs: hairy white caterpillar on tree leaves, moth backlit on a blade of grass while hiding from sun, spider's web between the telephone lines in our back yard
animals: unknown yellow bird on fence
moon: sliver of moon in daylight, night shot trees and moon
fireworks: July 3rd fireworks. Can you see the outline of the child playing with the sparkler in the ground? (it's kind of dark). She stopped playing when I finally got around to trying to take her picture, darn it. STITCH of Fireworks Shooters (Check this out if you ever wanted to get a glimpse of fireworks setups before they shoot them off (zoom from far away). camera (automatic mode) fireworks (check out how the trees lit up). I realized quickly that the camera should not be on automatic for taking pictures of the fireworks. It sets the shutter open too long to try to collect what it thinks is sufficient light for a good picture. So the rest are at 6/10 second shutter speed, I believe. palm tree-looking fireworks, nice, crisp burst, 3 bursts (looks like an upside down hidden mickey ), nice people sihouettes against fireworks, Lots of little bursts, and one big cool one (begin finale), oops. too much smoke (almost can't see fireworks anymore), cool half-and-half burst

July 3, 2003 View slideshow
first rain since I installed our rain gauge. 2.5 inches in the past 36 hours. Yielded some nice photos, though...
animals: baby robins bigger now, dry bird on rainy day
scenery: fog traces in mountains and 3 hays, look at all the haystacks! (clear day)
flowers: (Soaked yellow flowers, head-on zoom) two, (Soaked yellow flowers, head-on zoom) one, (Soaked yellow flowers, side shots) profile, (Soaked yellow flowers, side shots) look at those beads (inside and out), (Soaked yellow flowers, side shots) a few (zoom), (Soaked yellow flowers, side shots) a few (pan), (Soaked yellow flowers, side shots) field of flowers

June 28, 2003 View slideshow
scenery: scenic shot under pine tree, fence posts and country side, countryside shot, flowers, fence, haystacks, hazy sunrise, STITCH of haystacks and countryside on a hazy morning, STITCH of haystacks and countryside on a hazy morning 2, STITCH of haystacks and countryside on a hazy morning 3, STITCH of haystacks and countryside on a hazy morning 4, STITCH of cows and countryside on a hazy morning
miscellaneous: thumbs up glove
animals: 2 birds on wire (unique looking birds, but I don't know what kind)
flowers: flowers, fence and bee
sunset: (breath taking sunset clouds) middle frame, from STITCH of breath taking sunset clouds, (breath taking sunset clouds) with tpole pan, (breath taking sunset clouds) with tpole zoom, STITCH of breath taking sunset clouds 2

June 23, 2003 View slideshow
Finally! a weekend without rain!
scenery: A shot across my neighbor's yard
animals: These baby robins were happy for no rain, too.

June 19, 2003 - Radford Riverfest 2003 View slideshow
We won no awards, but it was quite and experience. Did I mention that it rained most of the time?
Radford: Riverfest 2003 - our boat with sails on for judging, The pirates who don't do anything, some of the other boats, The other large boat (called 3 sheets to the wind), our boat carrying us down the river, the happiest clown, Radford police and bikes

June 18, 2003 and NOW we come to the payoff! View slideshow
'I'm here for you baby'! Here you go! Hope you've got some time on your hands! I tried to categorize the pictures, to make it easier to deicde what you would like to see. Enjoy!
animals: (shed nest) grown baby bird, (shed nest) just hatched baby bird. Previous pictures of this nest - rogue egg, bird, its eggs, yellow, black, white bird (front) or yellow, black, white bird (back), (front porch nest) adult in nest 2, (front porch nest) adult in nest, (front porch nest) 3 older baby birds, (front porch nest) 3 baby birds. Previous - 4 eggs, Smokey lounging, Smokey folded paws, Smokey with toy, Smokey playing with RC car, lady and chiwawa sticking tongue out at girl, daisy looking up at camera
flowers: single yellow weed flower, single purple flower, hairy white flower - just the flower, hairy white flower - flower and radiating buds, yard background, closer-up of hairy white flower, multiple white flowers
clouds: heavy clouds at walmart after storm, multiple layers of clouds after storm AND high, calm clouds after rain 1, high, calm clouds after rain 2, high, calm clouds after rain 3, high, calm clouds after rain 4, many cumulus, and more, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) wow- dark overhead, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) same one passed over, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) other cumulus, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) sun contrast clouds, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) big cumulus contrast, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) mimicking cumulus, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) verticle dark cumulus, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) top mimic, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) billowing cumulus 1, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) billowing cumulus 2, (storm clouds at home one afternoon) multilayer cumulus, (Nice day clouds) a few, (Nice day clouds) more and mountain, blurry clouded sunbeams, big, distant cumulus, STITCH of clouds from the car show, STITCH of clouds from the car show 2, STITCH of clouds from the car show 3, big daddy cumulus - it may look only normal, but considering how far away it is, this is monstrous. lit by sunset, but partially obscured, STITCH of BIG DADDY CUMULUS, (big storm) rain and cloud front, (big storm) trees, grass, clouds, house, (big storm) heavy contrast clouds, (big storm) Radford University dorms and dark sky
sunsets: (One sunset, 3 different locations, location 1) little zoom, (One sunset, 3 different locations, location 2) max zoom, (One sunset, 3 different locations, location 2) medium zoom 1, (One sunset, 3 different locations, location 2) medium zoom 2, (One sunset, 3 different locations, location 3) nice hills, nice sunset, (One sunset, 3 different locations, location 3) nice (pan), STITCH of pan of sunset at mark's house, STITCH of icy blue looking sunset clouds I took at Mark's house, STITCH of icy blue looking sunset clouds I took at Mark's house
miscellaneous: pea gravel fill (pan), pea gravel fill (zoom), opaque porch stain swirls
scenery: Neighbor's tall green grass and rolling hills
bugs: The guys I was with thought this might be a millipede
cars: New River Valley Classic Cruisers (NRVCC) flag car and flag, buick 34, and funny sign, classic car stool, front end car wind fin, (shiny engine) heartbeat of america, (shiny engine) liquid gauge, plymouth car with crazy spolier (NOT FROM THE CAR SHOW - LOWES HARDWARE STORE)
people: cute baby face

June 17, 2003 - Even the animals are sick of the rain View slideshow
Last night on the news, a local news reporter put it very well - "You're tired of hearing about it, and we're tired of reporting it"
I have been working on trying to get a decent picture of this bird since Saturday. Everytime the camera beeps, it would fly away. So I turned off all the beeps, but when the autofocus moves the lens (very quiet) it immediately flies away. Finally, I got a shot of it last night (when they are less apt to fly away) using manual focus. Of course, it was raining (it has been SO rainy lately).
animals: robin sitting on nest. rainy night, lilac bush, robin standing on the edge of its nest, Wet dog from Radford's Riverfest. More Radford Riverfest 2003 coming soon!

June 16, 2003 View slideshow
By varying the shutter speed, you can get different moon effects.
moon: saturated moon just above trees, detailed moon, clouded moon and trees

May 18, 2003
Not much to take pictures of when it's raining and cloudy all the time. What weather we have been having! Stay tuned. There's bound to be more coming down the lens barrell.
animals: front porch nest, 4 eggs

May 16, 2003 View slideshow
scenery: STITCH of clouds and mountains after a heavy storm (over rooftop). STITCH of clouds and mountains after a heavy storm (valley overlook).
clouds: after storm clouds 1, vt football stadium (those light poles in the distance are vt football stadium), after storm clouds 2, natinal weather building (by weather building stuff - notice the clouds in the sky and the layer close to the ground!), moon: These are 3 phases from last night's lunar eclipse - lunar eclipse one-third dark, lunar eclipse two-thirds dark, lunar eclipse 90 percent dark (If you look close, you can still see the outline of the dark portions of the moon (cool))

May 12, 2003 (Mother's Day Tribute) View slideshow
Since I couldn't be there to give you a bouquet, I thought I would post some pictures I took this week of flowers.
flowers: little yellow flowers (few), little yellow flowers (many), white star flowers, little purple flowers with blue middles, White and yellow flowers, dandelion Sure, it's a weed. But have you ever stopped long enough to take a closeup look?, purple flower patch (Steve's favs) stalk above rest and scenery, purple flower patch (Steve's favs) stalk and house scenery, purple flower patch (Steve's favs) closeup group, purple flower patch (Steve's favs) purple and yellow, purple flower patch (purple flowerscapes) purple far and near, purple flower patch (purple flowerscapes) purple far and near 2, purple flower patch (purple flowerscapes) flowers and our house, purple flower patch (maryellen's favorites) fewer 1, purple flower patch (maryellen's favorites) fewer 2, purple flower patch (maryellen's favorites) fewer 3
animals: now 3 eggs. Remember the bird and its eggs? Now there is a 3rd egg, obviously from another bird. Have you heard of the birds that purposefully lay their eggs in another's nest, so that the other bird ends up raising it? I suspect that is what happened here. , daisy under pine tree, spaz in box looking forward, miss kitty lounging in plants sleepy, miss kitty lounging in plants 1 eye
scenery: single road hilly countryside
sunset: interesting sunset and nearby clouds
clouds: sun through heavy threat clouds

May 7, 2003 View slideshow
animals: Bird on its nest in shed. Remember the bird's eggs? same nest. Glad the bird did not fly away!
clouds: cool fog (hillside eye level) (or is it considered a low cloud ceiling at this point?), more cool fog (pretty valley), more cool fog (over New River) couldn't do anything about the stupid power lines

May 5, 2003
If you want to see Steve's new hairdo, go to the bottom of this page and click on his picture.

May 4, 2003 View slideshow
animals: bird's nest with 2 eggs in shed
rainbows: light rainbow's end
reflections: sky, tree, and raindrop puddle relfections
clouds: look at the top of this cumulus cloud! Looks like it is being blown by high atmospheric winds. Here's what the weather guy said
more clouds to the left
miscellaneous: watertower against dark sky
sunsets: after storm sunset
sunrises: airport runway cloudy sunrise
cloudy sunrise framed with trees and road
scenery: airport planes, mist, mountains

April 30, 2003 View slideshow
sunrise: This morning's unique sunrise
animals: Bird that built a nest in our front bush, miss kitty cleaning paw (cute)
My friend Jim said these flowers are dogwood tree blossoms. Ok, sorry, I had a little too much fun taking pictures of the white flowers from the tree in our front yard. But some of them turned out real good, and I could not decide which ones to leave out. So I will try to list the best ones for each type of shot first, in case you get bored of looking at them, you can just move on. These are actually from this last weekend, but I haven't had time until now to pick out the best ones and post them. I actually took 2 sets each on different days, to try out some different settings on my camera. I think the new settings helped some.
a few red dogwood blossoms, several red dogwood blossoms, dogwood blossoms against blue sky 1, dogwood blossoms against blue sky 2, dogwood blossoms against blue sky 3, dogwood blossoms against blue sky, depth, dogwood blossoms against blue sky with bee, dogwood blossoms against blue sky, some, dogwood blossoms against blue sky, tons, dogwood blossoms against blue sky, many, dogwood blossoms with blue sky in the middle, looking down on dogwood blossoms, closeup of a few blossoms, looking down on dogwood blossoms, closeup of one blossom, one way to take good blossom photos

April 27, 2003 View slideshow
flowers: up few blossoms and sky, up blossoms and sky, sea of blossoms, up bigger sea of blossoms and sky, yellow flowers
clouds: puffy cloud and blue sky
animals: curious cows and lawn mower

April 24, 2003 View slideshow
animals: closeup Miss Kitty (mk) gonna sniff camera, closeup mk eyes half (cute), mk looking reflective out window, closeup daisy face
miscellaneous: april 24, 29 degrees sunrise frost, tons of holes on apple tree (rotated) I would assume that these are from a woodpecker, but I have never seem the circular rings of woodpecker holes, before in my life.
scenery: backyard fence, STITCH of neighbor's cows and yard
flowers: appletree blossoms, double dandelion flower seeds, lilac flowers

April 23, 2003 View slideshow
sunrise: sunrise and sunbeams, STITCH of sunrise with sunbeams (60sky, 40 terrain), STITCH of sunrise with sunbeams (mostly sky)

April 22, 2003 View slideshow
animals: Miss Kitty cleaning
Roanoke: mountain (Roanoke star) covered by low, rainy clouds
scenery: nice view trees, road, clouds, another nice countryside shot (cows, hillside, bushes, sky, clouds, road)
clouds: nice clouds
flowers: dandelion puffs. Can't keep a good puff down

April 17, 2003 View slideshow
sunrise: STITCH of this morning's sunrise. Unfortunately, because of the changes in lighting between each picture, the seams are easier to see in this picture. If I tweak the brightness in the individual pictures I ~might~ be able to correct that. same sunrise, slightly earlier, diff exposure

April 16, 2003 View slideshow
moon: this morning's moonset taken with flash (didn't mean to use flash, but the resulting shutter speed made it turn out extra neat)
sun: road and morning sun waiting at stop light

April 15, 2003 View slideshow
After you finish your taxes, you can check out some of these picture highlights I took this past weekend
Radford: Radford University - RU road, RU hillside
animals: daisy on hillside with green trees, daisy in field, cows in background (very nice), baby bunny closeup - This little guy showed up while I was cutting the backyard grass. He was the only one in his nest. Had to bring him inside to make sure I did not run him over while finishing the back yard. We put him back after I finished.
miscellaneous: steve removing snow-broken branches
moon: daytime moon centered, daytime moon 14x center, moon at night 16x (iso 50)
clouds: cool semi-stormy clouds, cool semi-stormy clouds

April 7, 2003 View slideshow
This weekend's highlights
clouds: Neat clouds 1, Neat clouds 2
animals: Very cute Daisy
miscellaneous: big flag, sun behind big flag
scenery: countryside 1, countryside 2 If the first hill on the left and that first line of trees were not there, or were a little lower, you would be able to see our house.

April 4, 2003
scenery: STITCH of bridge, river, park. Watch that first step!

April 3, 2003 SOS - (Signs of Spring) View slideshow
animals: "Quack!" - A couple of ducks today. The early bird(s) get the pond 1, The early bird(s) get the pond 2
scenery: 'signs of spring' in the Countryside today countryside, countryside 2

April 2, 2003 View slideshow
miscellaneous: farm equip for sale and countryside
scenery: country side a, country side b

March 31, 2003 View slideshow
Ok, I lightened up all of the original pictures I took Sunday, and here are a few more for you to enjoy.
snow: top of tree on wires, different tree on our new car (no damage I could tell), snow in better light (side yard), Radford Univ 1, Radford Univ 2, 5pm- 36 hours after we woke up to the snow, and it is almost gone. Supposed to be up to 60 or 70 by Wed. Crazy weather!

March 30, 2003 - Steve's Weather report View slideshow
It has been so nice the past two or three weeks, that we have intermittently had the house windows open, and the car windows down while driving around, and I even took the dog for a walk last weekend.
Yesterday, I mowed the lawn in shorts.
Today, I wake up at 6am to this
snow: side yard, back yard utility wires, back yard tree
They are darker than real life. I am still learning how to take pictures with this new camera, and I am also in a hurry to get to church this morning . The auto white balance overcompensated for all of the brightness. It takes really great pictures, of things with normal balance of colors. Once I learn how to use all of the manual features, I will be able to compensate for situations like this. Also, I noticed that by playing with brightness in the graphics program, I can make it look more natural, too.

I know I am going to love my first digital camera!
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